The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Mother's Warm And Loving Heart Encourages America To Receive God's Blessing

Michael Jenkins
September 2, 2006

Dear Family,

This morning at Hoon Dok Hae True Mother asked the True Children to read True Parents message for the 40 Nation World Peace Tour. Shin Sook Nim (blessed to Mr. Hirotaka Otsuka) and Shin Bok Nim (blessed to Ms. Yeonseon Yoo) read with great dignity and clarity. Mother was radiant and you could see the hope and joy that True Parents have seeing their sons and daughters and now their grandsons and granddaughters take up True Parents mission to bring Truth and True Love to the world. You could clearly see that Mother was so uplifted.

Mother said at breakfast this morning that this is a most amazing event - three generations going throughout the world proclaiming the message of peace and blessing. This has never been done before. We should realize what an enormous opportunity it is for America and the world to be touched when they see these young people going forth like this with three generations in one family. Who in history has ever done this. It is done with love. Mother was smiling with such a hopeful feeling. We were amazed. Here Mother who just finished 120 nations in many very difficult situations didn't show any strain at all. She was deeply at peace in her heart with True Father's incredible love for the world. This moment can change America.

We are at the final moments of preparation for the Three Generations Third International World Peace Tour with True Mother and True Family representing Three generations going forth risking all to bring true love to humanity. It is in the spirit of Mother's warm, loving and joyful heart that we ask that you remain prayerful and focused. The next 24 hours is the time when the greatest miracles can and will occur. Do not hesitate to call that person you have been thinking of. Don't think its too late or that its a Holiday weekend. Let them decide. One U.S. Senator decided on Friday to be part of the program on Sunday !!! Please don't take away this opportunity for them to support the dispensation of heaven. Just give them a final call. They will be so grateful that you did and great blessing may come to them that will bring great fortune from God to their lives and to their families.

Rev. Flynn has written the following message which includes True Father's words and inspiration. Please read it to gain strength that we might bring a great blessing to America.

Thanks America. Its time for True Love.


Dear brothers and sisters,

This is indeed a remarkable time! While current world events seem evermore discouraging, at the same time the providence of God is moving forward with lightning speed. Consider these quotes from True Father:

"Though imperceptible to the human eye, we are at a point of great transition. Now that we have entered the third millennium, Heavenís providence is moving toward completion with tremendous speed." (February 14, 2005)
"Godís intervention is rushing toward us like a tidal wave." (April 13, 2005)
"Ö the True Parents held firmly to the helm while the winds of heavenly fortune surged around us like a typhoon. We dashed forward as though each day were a thousand years." (June 13, 2006)

This is a time of great transition in many ways and on many levels. It is a time of transition from the era of restoration (The Age Before the Coming of Heaven) to the era of settlement (the Age After the Coming of Heaven). It is also the time when parents are substantially transferring responsibility to the children. Also, after 23 years of training and development, True Parents have now entrusted the leadership of the "Elder Son" nation to Americans.

The re-structuring of our American movement is a major endeavor, and an ongoing process. We have not yet completed this transition, nor settled the many changes that are underway. Yet, the Providence continues racing forward. We would have preferred more time before our first major "test", but it is upon us already. I am sure that True Father is anxious to see how well our nation responds and fulfills under American leadership.

Please consider, from the heart, the significance of this 3rd World Tour. In fact these tours are grueling, requiring an incredible expenditure of spiritual and physical energy. Yet True Father engages again without hesitation, determined to hasten the breakthroughs needed to transform this world into a place where the living God is welcomed. Such investment plants the tears, sweat and blood of True Family on every continent, making the foundation for monumental advances of the Providence. True Father calls us to join him in this effort:

"Let us make every effort to recover the three generations of Godís family that were lost at the beginning with Adam. Let us complete, on this earth in our lifetime, a new heaven and new earth, filled with true love and free from the struggle between Cain and Abel. Let us complete the Peace Kingdom, where we shall all live as one family." (February 14, 2005)

Godís dream of a peaceful, ideal world has been long-frustrated. Its realization is now close at hand. It is for this reason that True Father pushes forward relentlessly. Let us share that dream Ė make that dream also our own Ė and dedicate ourselves to its fulfillment. Our role as Americans is so critical. From True Fatherís words again:

It is time for us to unite together and open the path that humankind must travel. It is time for America, as the elder son nation, to take the lead in attending God and to complete its mission as the helmsman that brings the nations of the world to God. I ask you to stand with me in accomplishing this historic task. (February 2, 2000)

Let us not be bystanders in this incredible time. Please participate with your whole heart Ė join the September 3rd event with sincerity and enthusiasm. Decide and determine to bring friends and family. Contribute financially so that we can make the goal. Please fully support the District Directors; they have stepped up to an important leadership role, and need our participation and unity.

This weekend is a tremendous opportunity to affirm to Heaven that Americaís blessed central families are ready, and can rise to the occasion. Let us bring the great American "can-do" spirit, enthusiasm, and sincerity to welcome the historic Third World Tour on September 3rd.

Jim Flynn

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