The Words of the Jenkins Family

9/11 Remembered

Michael Jenkins
September 11, 2006

Dear Family,

Here in Korea with the Universal Peace Federation we had a beautiful interfaith prayer and candle- lighting ceremony in memory of the victims of 9/11. Interfaith activities from 9/11 have exponentially increased since that day. Father's proposal for an Interfaith Council at the United Nations in 2000 was identified as essential for peace. Interfaith work brings hope and understanding and reduces fear. The UPF, led by Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh is now in a central role in this area. We are encouraged after five years time since the 9/11 attacks that the relations that we have established with key Muslims, Christians and Jews throughout the world and especially in the Middle East have become stronger than ever.

We must embrace one another and people of all faiths. Honoring faith in God as key for a good society and the belief that all faiths have the right to believe and practice their faith is a cornerstone of the greatness of America. It gives America a special role in God's providence. America is a model of the reality that all faiths, races and nations can live together. The "United" "States" is important in concept and practice. It is rooted in the Declaration of Independence that "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

This is a foundational principle which both President Lincoln and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could refer to in calling the American people to a "higher" consciousness in the call for the equality of all races in America and throughout the world. This is America's foundation that sets it apart from nations in history. This principle was applied to not only race but to all religions and therefore when America stands on this hallowed ground it can call the world together.

We ask that all our Blessed Central Families in America set aside time today for prayer and reflection. Five years ago today history took a different direction. Dr. Yang and many of our leaders and clergy were in New York on that day and began going to Ground Zero as chaplains for New York City each night. We saw the greatness of America there, in the midst of suffering all races and people as Americans pulled together to save our brothers and sisters of all backgrounds. America came together at that moment because America is a nation that loves all people.

True love is clearly the answer. True Parents are totally confident that the conditions are now set for power behind evil to continue to decline. It will decline in the proportion to and with the speed in which we continue to bless the families of all nations and religions. The era of evil prospering has ended. The 9/11 attacks were one of the final peaks of the expression of evil and an effort to divide God's people -- Muslim, Christian and Jews and all people of faith. However, as we reach out and totally embrace God's people we do not divide, we can unite. If we retract into our own denominations, racial and religious groups and allow ourselves to be isolated from one another we can be divided. That is why True Parents refuse to allow such a division to occur.

Through the Middle East Peace Initiative we continue through whatever challenge to pursue the same goal, inter-religious unity, as a guiding light to peace. As we continue to engraft into the True Olive Tree we will see, just as Joshua did at Jericho, that the proclamation of the Word will have the power to dissolve all the hate and fear that cause the divisions. God is now covering the world through the three-generation tour. The response of Ambassadors for Peace is getting stronger and stronger through the three world tours.

Let us take from this tragedy of 9/11 a moment to renew our devotion to bring unity among Muslims, Christians and Jews and all people of conscience. We have seen the reality that True Parents have the love and authority to bring the unity of all the faith traditions to bring about ideal families. This is reality. Here at our UPF conference our participants are individuals from so called "enemy" countries who cannot easily relate in the current climate, but wherever True Parents are (in the Middle East or anywhere in the world) they feel hope to relate in peace with even their most difficult enemies. Why? Because True Parents have created a Culture of Heart in which Muslims, Christians and Jews can feel genuine love and respect.

The Ambassadors for Peace from the Middle East feel that UPF is the real hope for the post- 9/11 world. It came out at our conference here. Dr. Glaubach and Muslim leaders from the Middle East expressed that True Parents' Inter-religious Council is the only hope for the path to peace in the region.

Let us be encouraged that the tragedy of 9/11 is somehow being used by God to bring God's people together. The Peace Kingdom is inevitable and is expanding rapidly.

On September 12 we will celebrate the first anniversary of the real hope for peace, the founding of the Universal Peace Federation. In the last year True Parents have been on tour to every country of the world for all but 20 days of the last 365 days, to bring the message and hope and reality of the Peace Kingdom. Let us weep for 9/11 and let us rejoice over the hope of 9/12, the day of the founding of the Universal Peace Federation, the "Abel" UN that is destined to bring peace on earth.


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