The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thirtieth Anniversary of the Washington Monument Rally

Michael Jenkins
September 18, 2006

Dear Family,

It is hard to believe that 30 years ago today many of us were standing with True Parents on the Washington Monument grounds. The gathering was a great moment in history and a turning point for America and the world. It meant that True Father's mission had successfully, despite opposition from the former Soviet Union and also many religious groups, been accomplished on the world stage. Because of the reception of the American people Father could go to America (which could be likened to the modern day Rome) and was received by the people and not rejected.

This allowed America to be protected and eventually gain the strength to overcome communism. Now we are responsible, thirty years latter, to walk a parallel path as American members to set the condition to protect America, unify religious people and strengthen and bless all families ending adultery and divorce. On that basis we must now allow America to come in the central role to serve the world and lead the way as the example of true respect for all faiths, races and peoples. America is the nation as the "Elder Son" that is chosen to set the example of transcending boundaries that cause disrespect and division and herald the day when all the nations and families of the world can enter the Kingdom of God - the Peace Kingdom.

Happy 30th Anniversary!!!


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