The Words of the Jenkins Family

Conclusion of the Second 40 Day Condition

Michael Jenkins
September 22, 2006

Dear Family,

Dr. Yang and I want to thank you for a great 40 day period. We conclude our second of three 40 day conditions of this 7 year course tonight (Friday, September 22nd). The focus of this period was on reaching out to all brothers and sisters. A beautiful spirit is sweeping our movement and many families are feeling hope to rekindle their connections with our church and life of faith. It will take time. The second 40 days was a period to begin a "permanent" and ongoing process to bring grace, love, healing and understanding to all brothers and sisters. Through our own repentance as leaders for our shortcomings and limitations we can remove or at least reduce the barriers and impediments to allowing God and True Parents' heart and love to flow to the people that God chose to build his Kingdom.

For many just the expression of care and love without expectation can have enormous impact. Our brothers and sisters have been going out and sharing honestly and listening to the heart of those precious people that helped lay the foundation for God's victory in America.

There are many beautiful stories. Just a visit from one leader to a Blessed Family which was considered "distant" proved that they were not really "distant" but just not cared for. It is now time to continue to consistently reach out to everyone you know who has been touched by True Parents. It is time to give massive amounts of care and love. We have the time, we are not too busy. This is the "providence". The next 40 days we request that you reach out further and stimulate and inspire the hearts of brothers and sisters. Many long for your call or your care and concern. True Parents have now extended grace based on the Holy Wine and special conditions that allows all past mistakes to be forgiven and even erased. It doesn't require donations or any special condition. It is grace and it only needs to be delivered by our Blessed Families to other Blessed Families.

It is the Grace of the Holy Wine of June 13. All who share in it are cleansed and renewed and established in the lineage of God.

This is the time for healing and understanding.

For those who are standing without need for healing - please become the source of healing. America needs the love of God and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Through this healing and cleansing amazing phenomenon can occur and ultimately this nation can rise up to lead the world toward peace.

Please take the next three days - Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 23rd thru the 25th for prayer and reflection. We also prayed over the last forty days to discover "my own calling" in relationship to heaven and the role God would like you to play for the work in America.

If you didn't receive and answer, don't worry, if you continue to pray an answer will come. The Blessed Central Family has enormous authority to bring positive change. It starts with the reading and practice of God's Word. We have been reading the three key speeches over the last 40 days. Please pray about what realizations you had through your study of Father's message.

Many, many brothers and sisters are stepping forward now that a new phase has begun in the dispensation. It is the phase of grace and blessing.

Please have confidence in the love and power of True Parents. Every person is valuable and important. Our younger generation is responding - all we have to do is reach out for them.

We just concluded the first District Directors Leadership Conference. This movement is definitely in a huge providential moment of transition to a new level. The leadership team that is emerging now are experienced and seasoned for the last three decades. They now are standing with an average age that matches Father's age when he started in America. Our leaders are ready to go forward together with our Acting Regional and State leaders for this historic hour.

During this past 40 days America was called upon to be the first stage of the World Tour to 40 Nations for Three Generations of True Family. True Families continues even as you read this. They are marching forward throughout the world to 480 cities to bring not only the "Word" of the ideal family and the Peace Kingdom but also they are showing themselves as representatives who are doing their utmost to live as Ideal families based on True Love.

When America was called to welcome three generations of True Family in 12 cities - True Parent's were comforted when they witnessed the American movement spring into action in one week to create events that were of the same magnitude and with even greater heart than ever before. This time Americans centered on the President and our Continental Director Dr. Yang and our National Vice Presidents and UPF leaders, fulfilled their responsibility and all 12 events were a great success. True Mother and all the family were moved by your victory and heart. America began this new dispensational 7 year course with a victory completely led by representatives of the Elder Son nation.

We gained strength and confidence through the twelve city events and we are ready and totally committed to fulfill our responsibility before heaven. Our focus now should be to develop the Family Church in our homes. (Hoon Dok Family Church), we should unite as one with our District Directors to build a "movement" that has many dimensions. We are building a movement where related organizations such as CARP, AFC, ACLC, WFWP and other key organizations will move with one heart, supporting the objectives and goals that God created each organization for - to strengthen God's people in all faiths and all constituencies - youth, women, clergy, elected officials to create a renewed and America that can lead the world.

We must rapidly rise to the level that God has prepared for the Elder Son Nation. It is the level in which America brings the world together as one family led by God's love and spirit.

Blessed Central Families, Ambassadors for Peace and Religious Leaders now join hands and hearts beyond race and denomination, beyond national or religious boundaries to lead this world into the Kingdom of Peace on earth. America has been chosen and out of this nation True Parents found the "chosen" people who are now destined to lead this Elder Son Nation to heal and unite the world. We are the "chosen" people of God. God prepared us for this historic moment. Our ancestors are pouring down from heaven to assist us.

As True Mother spoke on the third World Tour:

You are now living in the most blessed and exalted time in history. I now proclaim the launch of the era of a new heaven and earth after the coming of heaven, long-awaited and yearned for by billions of your ancestors in the spirit world who have come and gone in history: this is the era of the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World. Not only the four great religious founders but also billions of good ancestors have come down to earth to guide you on the heavenly path. The age in which the unreasonable and corrupt world plays havoc, allowing those who are evil to live better than others, is passing away.

We sincerely thank you for your dedication and devotion and ask you to prepare for the next forty days which will begin on Tuesday, September 26th and will run through November 4th.

Thanks America.


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