The Words of the Jenkins Family

College age youth leaders encouraged to participate in MEPI

Michael Jenkins
October 3, 2006

Dear FFWPU Youth and Youth Leaders,

I encourage you to join the Universal Peace Federation's Middle East Peace Initiative mission to Israel from October 20-25, 2006. I am sure that you have heard a lot about these trips through pictures and reports on the website, and possibly through testimonies you have heard from people who have been to Israel already.

After every trip, Rev. Jenkins emphasizes the impact of young people joining these peace missions. Not only Israelis and Palestinians who meet those young people, but also Ambassadors for Peace and religious leaders coming from the U.S. and Europe become inspired through seeing the involvement of youth. Please encourage young people that you know (who are 18 years or older) to join this peace mission. Let's shout out and proclaim the ideal of peace in the Middle East!

If you are a college student, consider inviting your friends and professors to come to this trip. Or if you have a relationship with local government officials or professionals, try talking to them about becoming Ambassadors for Peace and joining this peace mission. You will be doing them a favor, even if they don't know it, because they will have an opportunity to become connected with the center of God's Providence. It is also a way for you to witness to True Parents, because coming on a peace mission to Israel is one of the best ways that Ambassadors for Peace can experience True Parents' work and mission.

Among the attached files, you will find an invitation form, a registration form, and a document outlining the conference policies for the trip. Please send your registration forms to your local district headquarters. The invitation form can be used to invite your contacts.

I look forward to seeing you in Israel.


Tossa J. Cromwell
Special Assistant to President
3224 16th St. NW
Washington, DC 20010


Invitation Letter (pdf)
Conference Policies (pdf)
Registration Form (pdf)

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