The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer Request For The Full Recovery Of Thomas Lutz Of Our Brooklyn Church

Michael Jenkins
October 10, 2006

Dear Family,

Rev. Grodner and Rev. Hiro have asked for your prayers for our Blessed family member Mr. Thomas Lutz. He was in an accident and hospitalized. What appeared minor became serious. He is in the ICU unit in the hospital.

Below is Rev. Hori's report.

Maria Vargas and Rev. Daugherty also ask for your extra effort to pull this family through.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor

Rev. Hioro's Report

Dear CIG Owners,

Two weeks ago, our brother, Thomas Lutz, had an accident on the way to his work. Because he didn't have any serious external injuries, it appeared that it was a minor accident. However, Last week, on the day he was to be released, 1/3 of a gallon of blood which came from his spleen was found. The emergency operation took about 3 and half hours.

Tuesday night, we made phone calls to our family members in Brooklyn and Staten Island because, due to complications in his digestive system, it became necessary for him to go through another surgical operation at that night or in the following morning.

Thursday night through Friday morning, he had the most crucial period so far. His body started to swell. Last night, I visited him at the hospital. He was resting. I could see his face, hands, land egs were all swollen. However, his wife, Michele, said he was getting better. He had more water (liquid) in his body that night. Thereis still some in his lungs. He is conscious and hears what we say, but he cannot really talk because of the pipe going into his mouth.

We ask for your prayer support. The Lutz family is one of the most dedicated families in Brooklyn. A few examples are: Their family is the leader of our HDFC. Michele is in charge of our Haitian ministry and brings a number of Haitian ministers to our various programs. Their daughter, Annabelle, prepares our Sunday Service bulletin. Other children also take some roles in our Sunday worship service. The whole family constantly offers service to our community.

Thank you for your dedication. God bless you and your families.

Rev. Hiro

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