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120 Religious Leaders Go To The World As UPF Ambassadors For Peace

Michael Jenkins
October 17, 2006

Dear Ambassadors for Peace,

Due to the crisis in Korea with the tensions between North and South and the specter of Nuclear Bomb tests, Father Moon has called for 120 key religious leaders to come to Japan and Korea to give moral support and to bring a message of peace to 120 cities in each nation.

This effort, under the auspices of the Universal Peace Federation will be designed to bring people of conscience and faith together to call for non violent resolution of conflicts from the Middle East to Korea.

The religious leaders will conduct 120 events on October 21st and then depart for Japan and Korea. They will complete this leg of the journey on October 28th and then go on to the rest of the world. After touring 120 cities and delivering the message for Peace in the U.S., Japan and then Korea, the 120 will assemble for prayer at the 38th Parallel seeking God's wisdom, guidance and spirit to calm tensions and seek a totally peaceful resolution to international conflict.

From Korea the Religious Leaders will travel to 120 nations as Ambassadors for Peace. They will visit all continents including the Middle East, Africa and the hot spots of the world.

We ask that all Ambassadors for Peace keep this effort in your prayers.

Thank you.

Dr. Michael Jenkins

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