The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special Request-All Blessed Families Please Attend One Event On Saturday, October 21

Michael Jenkins
October 19, 2006

Dear Family,

We are embarking on the historic 4th International World Tour for Peace. True Parents have asked 120 Clergy from the ACLC and Religious Leaders of the Ambassadors for Peace to go throughout the world to 120 Nations to bring the "Message of Peace" for the Universal Peace Federation.

This historic event will begin this Saturday in 120 locations in the United States and is the kickoff for the 4th World Tour for Peace. From Saturday we will go to Japan, then Korea, then Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

This Saturday, October 21st we will have one of the 120 events in your city or area. We sincerely ask that every Family please attend one location near you on this coming Saturday. (Most events will be in the early afternoon or morning). We realize this is short notice !! This was certainly true for the clergy who cancelled all schedules with less than three days notice to attend an international tour. (They were invited on Sunday and had to decide by Wednesday.) Many exciting testimonies are coming in about how the clergy feel so serious about True Parents' call. They feel a great sense of urgency to do something to address the rising global conflict. They will represent America as the Second Israel as they go forth. They will go forth with the love of Jesus and the power of True Parents and bless and connect each lineage with the True Olive Tree.

Please demonstrate the seriousness of our faith tradition that we share as the Blessed Central Families by supporting Saturdays' events. Everyone feels very concerned about the situation of the nuclear tests in North Korea as well as the conflicts in the Middle East. This is one thing you can do to make a difference. These clergy are chosen by God to go out and give a "message of Peace" and Blessing. They will go out with love for all faiths and races. They are sacrificing everything they had planned to "suddenly" go to the World. Please support them with your whole heart on Saturday.

Your District Office and State Office will have the event locations. There will also be a special forgiveness ceremony for all people, Unification and other faiths. In addition there will be a blessing at each and every event. Please take care to make sure you invite your colleagues and friends to attend and receive the Holy Wine and the Blessing as was offered in the last World Tour.

The Speech will be read by one of the 120 Clergy that were chosen. Then the Blessing will be officiated by the District Directors couple or a representative Elder Couple from the FFWPU.

Please support this event. Today information will come out in your local area as to the events that are occuring in your city. Please support this historic effort to bring peace to the world with your heartfelt attendance.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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