The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thank You Washington DC Area Blessed Central Families

Michael Jenkins
October 21, 2006

Dear Family,

I know that many of you are making heroic efforts to support the fourth International World Tour which was announced just days ago.

This morning at 8 am the Washington D.C. Family and Imani Temple and surrounding Christian leaders joined together for this historic event.

Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings, the Host Pastor at Imani, was also the Keynote Speaker. Archbishop Milingo of Married Priests Now and his wife also were in support and attendance. This was the kickoff of the 120 Nation World Tour of Ambassadors for Peace of the Universal Peace Federation.

I want to take a moment to thank our Washington D.C. Blessed Central Families for their incredible support coming out to fill the Imani Temple and bring victory for this key event of the 120 events going on throughout this day.

Dr. Yang and I sincerely thank all our blessed families for their love and sacrifice at this time to support this providence.

Archbishop Stallings delivery of True Parents message was magnificent. You could feel that, as the speech said, Billions of our Ancestors were pouring down to support us.

Rev. Randy Francis, District Director of Washington District did a fantastic job. Pastor Robert U. did a beautiful invocation and Rev. Angelica Selle and her husband were the officiators of the Blessing. Dr. Michael Jenkins, the Chair of UPF for the U.S. gave the Chairman's address from Rev. Kwak and brought greetings from UPF Regional Chairman Dr. Chang Shik Yang.

Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Now American Clergy and Ambassadors go forth to the world to bring love, sacrifice and service to demonstrate the true spirit of the Great America that the world is longing to see. An America lights the path to peace. We go forth only with the weapons of Truth and Love. We go forth in the spirit of the King and Queen of Peace to bring True Love and Peace to the World !!!

Thank You Washington and all of America.



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