The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report from Japan - Revised

Michael Jenkins
October 23, 2006

Dear Family,

Dear Family,

The 120 Clergy have arrived in Japan. Imagine what it is like for them to arrive at Narita or Kansai (Osaka) or Chubu (Nagoya) airports and meet a Japanese host and be whisked off to another city, sometimes 5 more hours away. The clergy have each been assigned a translator and a host. There is no gathering for the most part to give any orientation. It is really unreal. But heaven is helping.

The Clergy are people of faith so that they have a tendency to not panic. When they arrive at the final destination they are given a royal welcome by our Japanese movement of UPF volunteers. They are overwhelmed. They go to a hotel and in many cases stay alone. Today their host picks them up brings them to an event with 400 - 750 people - mostly Ambassadors for Peace and our members who have gathered in 120 cities on this day to hear the message of peace.

Each clergy person will deliver the address entitled, God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World. Yesterday with a few of the early arrivals we had time to gather and practice the delivery of the speech. It went very well. The clergy have such a profound sense of the Truth since their main vocation is to teach and preach the message of truth. We also could share on the life and mission of Rev. Moon and why we are here.

16 Clergy who are all assigned to the Tokyo area were welcomed by Rev. and Mrs. Yu - Chairman of our movement in Japan. Rev. Otsuka - President and Rev. and Mrs. Oyamada - Chairman of the Japan foundation. Also Mrs. Kuboki was there to greet us. Dr. Yang, my wife and I, Bishop Stallings and all of our delegation were welcomed.

We had a beautiful welcome banquet for this group. The Clergy assigned to Tokyo, many had just arrived, came to the hotel with their hosts not having any idea what they would come to. They were so pleased with the love and support of the Japanese movement. Rev. Benit Hayes gave a testimony of how his life was transformed in the Ocean City ACLC conference when he heard the Divine Principle. He now requires his ministers to bring the Bible and the Divine Principle to church for Sunday Service. His church is a growing beautiful large church that played a key role in Houston helping last year with thousands of Katrina Victims.

Rabbi Waldman testified that it was because of Father Moon that he was able to find his beautiful wife. She had been an outstanding Ambassador for Peace and they met in Los Angeles on the first world tour. They are happily blessed in marriage. She is joining the tour as an Ambassador for Peace. She will address a different event than her husband today.

The entertainment provided by our Japanese hosts was outstanding. Second generation young people performed classical, modern and had a special choir. It moved the ministers hearts.

At 5 pm on the 23rd we had a Press Conference. We announced the tour and the fundamentals of the vision of UPF. Also that American religious leaders are coming out bringing the spirit of peace and love and praying that tensions will be reduced between North and South Korea. Of course this is high interest to Japan.

All in all the tour is rolling and the will of Heaven will be done.

Thanks America.


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