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120 Ambassadors For Peace Complete The Korea Segment And Move On To Europe

Michael Jenkins
October 29, 2006

Dear Family,

120 cities in Korea welcomed the Ambassadors for Peace. It was very uplifting and at the same time challenging. Archbishop Stallings traveled to the southern tip of Korea by KTX Train and then local trains for 5 hours from Seoul and 5 hours back that night. Rev. Im was his host. The Korean family poured out their hearts to welcome this historic tour.

My wife and I attended the event with Rev. Mark Abernathy of Georgia. He is a pastor that has suddenly come on fire with ACLC. He has a very substantial ministry in Georgia. A good friend of ACLC Executive Committee Chairman, Rev. Jesse Edwards, he gave a most powerful presentation of the Message for Peace. He testified that True Parents are setting the standard for the direction of young people and all churches and religious people must wake up and realize that we are losing our young people to the ways of the materialistic culture. Father Moon is bringing a reawakening to youth and to families alike that the essence of joy is love and a good balance of spiritual life and successful lifestyles in the world. Strong marriages and families are the key and the True Parents are showing the way through the blessing. He testified that a Christian leader Jesus definitely has anointed Father Moon for this hour. He read the 50 minute address with conviction and heart. It was deeply stirring.

Rev. Gil Ja Eu, Rev. Yu and many other Korean dignitaries were in attendance. This event was packed out at the Marriott Central City.

The next morning we went for our 5 am prayer with True Parents at the Peace Palace and Museum. It was uplifting and Father later said he was inspired that these religious leaders would drop everything to respond to heaven's urgent call. He also said that he was moved by their quality and seriousness. Father said, "From the point of view of normal logic, people think you are crazy to respond to God like this!!" Everyone laughed heartily confirming that this was everyone's experience. Family, friends, colleagues --- all questioned the clergy as to how they could leave for a world tour with three days notice!! All of them in different ways gave the same answer - it's a most urgent time to sacrifice for Peace - God called me!!

Father Moon guided all that if we had this group of 120 clergy 20 years ago the world would be completely different now. However, you are here now. This is a day that God has longed for, for ages. - The day when religious leaders would unite with the providence of God.

He also stated how serious it was if Christianity could have united after WWII. They should have united totally centering on Jesus and Jesus' call for all to be one. Because they didn't do that Communism rose up. This group is restoring that and today through this unity beyond denominational and racial barriers America can fulfill a new role in history. One in which through the spirit of Jesus we sacrifice for the world and love all people and all religions.

After that we read the spiritual messages from the founders of the World Religions. Father shared clearly to unite the world Christians must love the Muslims, the Jewish people, the Buddhists, the Confucianists and their own denominations. Without that there can never be peace. We cannot just tolerate. We have to see others as part of our family.

The atmosphere was very deep and then Father lightened it up. He asked Rev. Kwak to sing. He sang the " Way of the Pioneer" Hyun Jin Nim sang "If I could Dream" by Elvis then Hyung Jin Nim and True Mother sang. Everyone was on cloud 9.

The religious leaders, Christians, Jews and Muslims were moved. We were invited to a beautiful breakfast and Dae Mo Nim came and served. True Mother went down early to prepare the breakfast for the 120 Ambassadors for Peace. There was so much love there. We were melted.

From there we went to Im Jin Gak at the DMZ and prayed for peace. We released 120 Doves in prayer and the Universal Peace Federation Statement was delivered by Archbishop Stallings. The Clergy called for the President Bush to appoint President Clinton and President George H.W. Bush as a special Presidential envoy to reduce tensions by engaging Pyong Yang directly. (With the same spirit with which they represented Americas heart to help the world during the Tsunami disaster.

The clergy called for "loving ones enemy" and treating all nations, particularly North Korea with dignity and respect. The Clergy also called for an "Axis of Peace" to be created in the region. The event was widely covered by Korean Newspapers and Television and the Internet. The clergy brought the message of Father Moon to the DMZ.

The next day we were special guests at the World Peace Queen Cup tournament in which 8 International Women's Soccer Teams competed. The line up included, America, Canada, Brazil, Korea and many others. We saw the opening and the first game between Korea and Brazil. We were treated as guests of honor. It was exciting.

We concluded with our fellowship and testimonies last night. Dr. Yang shared deeply concerning God's heartfelt appreciation for the Religious Leaders and their sacrifice. Archbishop Stallings encouraged the clergy as to their DIVINE role and historic position to open the way for peace as Ambassadors for Peace. Korea and Japan did a magnificent job. It is on to London now !!!

We are building momentum and strength as we trace the footsteps of our True Parents and True Family on three world tours. The Fourth World Tour of the Universal Peace Federation has secured the victory in Korea, Japan and America. Father, Mother and Elder Son. Now it is on to bring true love to all the nations of the world.

With Gratitude,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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