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Report On The Clergy On The World Peace Tour Hungary

Michael Jenkins
November 2, 2006

Dear Family,

This is one of the many reports we are beginning to receive. Think about the historic meaning of these religious leaders going out in faith to the whole world representing True Parents. The pictures below convey how beautiful their spirit is as they read the Message of peace from True Parents.

The Ambassadors for Peace in Europe I are giving full support and are responding with great hope that the world is being brought together in one heart.

Dr. Yang and I sincerely thank our Ambassadors for Peace from America on the tour and the Ambassadors for Peace in Europe that are making it all work. Special thanks to European I Regional Chairman of UPF Rev. and Mrs. Song, Rev. Brann and all national leaders of UPF and especially all European I Blessed Central Families. Today our delegation goes to the European II, Switzerland, Italy and Switzerland with the Chairman of UPF of Europe II - Bishop Jeong Hyun Pak ( over beloved former Continental Director of the U.S.!!)


Rev. Michael Jenkins

4th World Peace Tour
Europe Region 1
2nd November 2006

As part of the 4th World Tour, Hungary welcomed five US Clergy on November 2nd 2006: Mrs. Carolyn Lincoln, Mr. Nath Amar Gupta, Rev. Isaac William Artis Jr., Rev. Nagi Fouad Yousef and Rev. Notburga Maria Hutcherson.

After their arrival at Budapest Airport they immediately left for their various venues. Those who had to go to other cities did not have even time to settle in the Hotel and eat something and ate fast food in the car while traveling. After finishing their speech events they traveled back to Budapest late at night and the next morning left early for another nation. What a challenging schedule! During their stay in Hungary they were very energetic, kind, smiling and encouraging never expressing disappointment or struggle because of their age.

Rev. Artis went to Szeged, Mrs. Lincoln to Pécs, Rev. Yousef traveled to Gyõr and Mr. Gupta and Rev. Hutcherson delivered their speech in Budapest. It was so beautiful to see how these US clergy from different religious background loved each other sharing freely and working together for God’s will!!

All the speakers gave very moving testimonies. Mr. Gupta testified how he had fully recovered from incurable cancer after receiving the Holy Blessing from True Parents. He also testified in front of the audience that Father Moon is the living Messiah on Earth and that because of True Parents we are living in a very blessed time when Heaven can come down to earth with full support and authority. Mr. Gupta also said that because of his health conditions he had wanted to stop the tour, but when he heard that Father Moon is very concerned about him, changed his mind. He said, ‘If Father Moon wants me what can I do? Only continue’.

Rev. Hutcherson testified the benefit derived from Father Moon’s 34 years work in America. She spoke from the bottom of her heart and shared with tears her experiences with True Parents in Korea.

She recounted that Father Moon was moved to tears to see the 120 ACLC members joining whole heartedly to support this speaking tour and explaining that if Father Moon could have worked together with those religious leaders 30 years before than the world would be in a very different shape.

Thank you very much that we could take part of this tour and support God’s providence guided by our True Parents.

With love Hungarian family

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