The Words of the Jenkins Family

Our Beloved Sister Linda Triggol Has Passed Into The Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
November 3, 2006

Dear Family,

Our sister Linda, who was honored this year directly by True Parents as the most outstanding American member of 2005, passed on November 2nd into the spirit world.

She is one of the truly exemplary American women, raising a big family, with her husband John. Linda will be honored with a "National Level" Seung Hwa. She truly lived for the sake of others as the State Director of our Church in Indiana for many years. She led the way for the Middle East Peace Initiative in Jerusalem going many times and one time staying for 3 months. She touched hearts and opened doors.

She was always positive and had that spirit until the transition. She passed on her husband John's birthday, she was able to give him a card and asked him if it was ok for her to pass on this day. He said it would be fine and that he would then always celebrate his birthday together with her glorious transition to heaven.

Linda we love you and are inspired by your heart to your family, your nation and especially for God and True Parents.

I would like to ask everyone to consider offering financial support to her family at this time. Please send support to Rev. John and Linda Triggol in Indianapolis. Will post their address shortly.

My wife Reiko and I are deeply grateful for this great American sister. Dr. Yang has asked me to return from the world tour for her Seung Hwa which will be held on Monday, November 6th at the church of Rev. Damon Roach. Rev. Roach is on the world tour now and with me here in Dusseldorf.

We thank John and Linda and their many children for being a model family of faith and love.

With True Parents Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

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