The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report From The Netherlands

Michael Jenkins
November 4, 2006

Dear Family,

The Fourth World Peace Tour of Ambassadors for Peace to 120 nations fanned out today to Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. The European UPF movement operated with clock work precision as each and every Ambassador for Peace was met at the various airports and escorted to events throughout the region. Ambassadors for Peace welcomed us in each area. Some events were in churches, some in public meeting halls.

The Netherlands is a place that ruled that Rev. Moon was welcomed in this country. Last November the Dutch overcame misguided and misinformed fears of some other countries and opened the door for Father and Mother Moon to bring the message of Peace. We can see that the victory secured then is expanding now.

Bishop Stallings went to Utrecht and gave a most powerful presentation as Rev. Jenkins also presented the development and the success in the Middle East Peace Initiative. Bishop Stallings and I were cared for by Johannes and Hiromi Van Es. Also Corne' and Eunice their college age son and daughter supported us. It is so great to see so many of the younger generation taking responsibility for the Ambassadors for Peace movement. Corne' and Eunice are both Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do. They put their hearts into welcoming us as did the many that attended the program. The Netherlands movement is bound together strongly. With this tour each and every family has taken full responsibility to "host" our pastors as the bring the message of Peace.

The pastors are getting stronger now and getting a sense of "faith". They are no longer concerned about where they are going or what venue. They "trust" that God knows where to place them. UPF in Europe has organized well.

Tonight many of our delegates were here in the Netherlands speaking in The Hague, some Maarsand, and Osterbeek and many other cities of this great nation. At the same time there were in Oslo (5), Copenhagen, Helsinki (6), Stockholm (5) and in many other cities.

At one point in history the Dutch empire was vast and far reaching, from South Africa to the Caribbean - throughout the world. In fact Indonesia (Dutch East Indies), Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Malacca, New Holland, Deshima, South Africa, Dutch West Indies, Suriname, Guyana, Brazil, Tobago and the Virgin Islands were once under its colonial power. This is a very strong people with tremendous fortitude and character. You can see the dignity with which the people carry themselves. Half of the country is below sea level, the battle with the sea has created some of the worlds toughest people and one of the most wealthy countries of the world.

Mr. Willem Koetsier, UPF chairman for the nation, was the MC of our program. Willem has developed good unity in this country. We had a beautiful dinner together with families just before the event at La Place - a very modern and highly attractive upscale health oriented casual restaurant. What was surprising to us was that there were such a cross current of nationalities and races here. We found that many came from the former colonies. The program was in Dutch and English. Many Ambassadors for Peace from the city of Utrecht and guests came including Mr. Hamza Kailani and members of the Amawiah Peace Movement. It is to be noted that a number of our guests were of the Muslim faith and of course they felt so much support. Hans Campman and his wife were the officiators for the Blessing and stand as the Vice National leader of our movement in the Netherlands. Mr. Peter Verbiest and his wife as the UPF representative for the city of Utrecht did a great job in organizing. It was most moving to see so many international families.

Archbishop Stallings delivery was quite powerful. I can see that with each presentation of the message you gain new power and insight. I am realizing why we continue to do these tours. Yes we are reaching thousands at once, however what I am beginning to see is something Father taught us about many years ago.

When we speak, we must speak the truth. Our first concern should be that we speak the truth clearly and correctly and with heart so that God is moved. Our next concern is that we speak correctly so that the spirit world will be moved. If those two are moved then the people in attendance as well as the people throughout the nation can feel a "change" of atmosphere.

Father also emphasized that many times we feel we should be mostly concerned with the guests and their reaction. This of course is very important but third on the list. Why. Many times we have seen dazzling presentations that are very flashy in the moment and perhaps have people rolling in the aisles in laughter. However, because God and the spirit world are not moved there will be no substantive change in the hearts of the people. They will feel good in the moment but it will be gone momentarily. However, when you speak the truth it resonates with God, the ancestors and saints and with the original mind of the people. The word is like a seed of goodness planted in someone's heart. It may not germinate at that moment but later, after it is planted God will continue to nourish the "word" in someone's heart and with the help of heaven the person begins to turn towards a better way when placed in the moment of decision between selfishness or unselfishness. The Word in ones heart becomes a basis for God to "resonate" with the person. At a moment of difficulty, many times it is then when the "words" of good teachers or spiritual leaders can be remembered or heard in ones heart and people then chose the greater good.

The Word is essential to our faith. That is why I can see through these tours True Parents are absolutely confident that they are not just reaching thousands but they are creating a quite revolution from selfishness to unselfishness in the hearts of man. We are moving God and the ancestors and saints of each nation. On behalf of True Parents, the clergy are now planting the seed deeply in our hearts that we must form families of True Love by cultivating the parent child relationship with God. One month, two months or even later God and the power of heaven can nourish the word in the guests hearts. Even if they weren't excited during the speech or maybe didn't think that it was that overwhelming. The power of the word planted in the hearts of men and women has enormous power to transform the culture. When love is added through the care of the Blessed families - then it ignites. That is why I also see our young people going through a "great awakening". They have been immersed in the word for their whole lives but it is God who knows the time and the place to activate it with love and allow the person to take major responsibility for the welfare of humanity. However, not only the guests but the "spirit" of a nation can be changed. Wasn't it true with Isaiah and the great prophets of Israel. Their words would become the spiritual center of the nation. We are creating a spiritual center for every nation in the era after the coming of heaven. Just like the Gettysburg address has a timeless nature and creates a "word" for which the fundamentals of what God instilled in America can be revitalized and rekindled setting the nation back on track, so too we are now creating the pillars of the "word" for which a new nation can be created. It is the nation of Cheon Il Guk. The nation that has no borders or boundaries. A nation that welcomes all faiths, all peoples. A nation that is the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Archbishop Stallings read with such joy and dignity. He read carefully with deep appreciation for each and every word. Afterwards he said, "I could feel at some point a great power came into the room. It was as if a breakthrough had occurred." I saw it myself, the European audiences are very proper and quite reserved. This is not a place where you hear Amen often. But when Bishop Stallings hit that threshold point in his speech, suddenly the audience started to voice approval. Yes, Yes. Then applause. Yes. and finally someone said Amen. Afterwards Johannes family took Bishop Stallings and I on a tour of the Canals and historic sites of Amsterdam. Many of the buildings we saw were built 100 years before the American revolution. Bishop Stallings, who loves classical music, art and literature was so excited to see this great nation.

Such a rich history. This is a land deep in religious history with Calvinists and Catholics and a lot of providence. This is the land of Rembrandt. This land and its people were brought into the realm of the Peace Kingdom tonight. There is a saying here, "God created the world but the Dutch created Holland." Tonight I saw that this is the people that God has prepared and made. The Dutch on this night have made Holland a land that welcomed the Word of the Lord and the King and Queen of Peace.

Tomorrow we go throughout Eastern Europe. I go to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzagovina - I pray that the experiences I have had seeing the reconciliation of Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Middle East can bring hope to this people.

Bishop Stallings goes to Albania. We go to the Czech Republic, to Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece - ALL IN ONE DAY to bring the message of Peace.

Thank you True Parents.


Others to be thanked for the program in The Netherlands are:

Ties Bressers - Secretary General of FWU
Elfi Verstraeten PR
Jonathan Van Der Stok - Youth Service
Rienier Van Hofslot - Free teens
Christopher Davies - PR Press
Johannes, Hiromi, Corne' and Eunice Van Es

Special thanks to Rev. and Mrs. Song and Mr. Mark Brann for organizing UPF so well here.

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