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American Clergymen Arrive in Africa

Michael Jenkins
November 7, 2006
Nairobi, Kenya

Universal Peace Federation
Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace

A group of 40 American clergymen and women from Catholic, Protestant , Jewish and Muslim backgrounds in the USA and Canada, arrived in Africa on November 7, 2006. They will tour 25 nations in Eastern, Central, Southern and Western Africa in five different groups.

Their primary goal in participating in the fourth Universal Peace Federation World Peace Tour is to proclaim the message of peace from heaven given by the founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. They will spread this message of peace to major nations on this continent for almost two weeks during November.

Many of them being Black Americans, they were very inspired and moved to visit their ancestral home for the first time. Tears flowed down their cheeks at the long-awaited reunion with their black family, and even more so upon recognizing the heart of love that Father Moon has invested into this forgotten continent. They praised Rev. Moon as a great unifier. On their arrival, many kissed the ground and offered deep prayers to Heavenly Father.

Kick-off rallies were held on November 8 in the major cities of various nations throughout the continent.

In Nigeria the main rally was held in Agege City and attracted more than 3,000 participants. People rededicated their marriages to God and renewed their vows of fidelity. The atmosphere was high as they received the message about peace and the establishment of the ideal heavenly world.

The main rally in Kenya took place at Anglican headquarters church in Nairobi. A congregations of more than 400 people gathered and became inspired and electrified by the message.

In the town of Kitale in Kenya, one Catholic priest, Father Siundu, had shocked the nation after announcing his wedding to a former nun. He called to express how happy he was that he was appointed an Ambassador for Peace; he vowed to spread Rev. Moon's peace message all over the republic.

"Some people try to persecute Rev. Moon," one visiting minister said, "but soon they will discover they absolutely need him."

The members of the clergy say they have found a new home on this continent. In fact, some say they will go back to the United States only as visitors.

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