The Words of the Jenkins Family

Welcome Home Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Michael Jenkins
November 8, 2006

Dear Family,

Our Elder brother, Dr. Bo Hi Pak, who is dear to the hearts of so many members in America, has completed his time in prison. He offered a beautiful letter of repentance to God and True Parents for any mistakes he made and offered profound and sincere gratitude and love to True Parents. He also offered his sincere apology to all members. We believe that he was sincere in his efforts for heaven and honest about the mistakes he made. True Parents welcomed him with profound love and support. We are in a time of enormous grace and hope.

Dr. Pak overcame severe challenges and survived to begin a new life. We thank In Jin Nim, Jin Sung Nim and all our brothers and sisters throughout the world who supported Dr. Pak and Mrs. Pak and prayed for him during this time of tribulation.

We are very uplifted and inspired that a new time for Dr. Pak could now begin. We all must repent during this time so that the grace that God has prepared for us as his beloved family can be fully received. We are now in a time when all our mistakes can be forgiven.

Welcome home Dr. Pak. We can't wait to see you !!! America loves you and always remembers how you connected us with True Parents vision and spirit for victory.

Thanks for all you did to help build the American movement centering on True Parents love.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
FFWPU North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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