The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parent's Special Proclamation For The Completion Of The European Segment

Michael Jenkins
November 8, 2006

Dear Leaders and Families,

This morning on November 7th as the 120 Religious Leaders completed the European segment of the 120 Nation World Peace Tour of UPF, True Parents made a special prayer and proclamation.

Father Moon proclaimed that these 120 Religious leaders representing the disciples of Jesus victoriously completed the America, Japan, Korea and European segment of the world tour representing Christianity being united with True Parents. If Jesus had been accepted two thousand years ago the Kingdom and the Blessed Family would have come at that time. The 120 who gathered at the Pentecost would have gone out to unify the world.

Father proclaimed that this fulfilled a major condition for Christianity and now allows the rest of the tour to expand on the Christian foundation to the Inter-religious realm. From Europe we now go to the inter-religious realm of Africa the Middle East, Asia and beyond.

Soon in addition to Africa 20 Religious leaders will go to Lebanon. Representing America these religious leaders will spread the true spirit of America - sacrifice and compassion with the only the weapons of love and truth. Thank you for your prayers.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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