The Words of the Jenkins Family

Congratulations to German Family on Supreme Court Ruling

Michael Jenkins
November 11, 2006

Dear Family,

On behalf of Dr. Yang and all American Blessed Families we congratulate Rev. Song, Rev. Mark Brann and Rev. Piepenburg of Germany for the efforts that led to the Supreme Court ruling that the ban on True Parents' entry was unconstitutional.

This was a great step forward and further very tangible evidence that since True Parents have entered the Original Peace Palace - all barriers and boundaries are dissolving before our efforts to realize peace in all nations.

Also our Ambassadors for Peace from Europe really fulfilled a great responsibility to support our True Parents integrity and value as the leaders of Peace and the Blessing of the Family.

A number of Americans supported this effort, Bruce Casino and Dan Fefferman are to be commended. Certainly support from Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh and the UPF International were critical - especially through the world wide Ambassadors for Peace. Great Britain's breakthrough last year with Rev. Tim Read helped change the atmosphere and break the old concepts. Denmark and the Netherlands also went beyond this narrow perspective and welcomed True Parents on the World Tours.

We thank all of our European Blessed Families - for this victory and the incredible support and welcome for the 4th World Peace Tour of Religious Leaders.

Everything is prospering and as True Parents promised those who support God's will and the work for the good of all nations are now prospering.

Thanks European family!!!

You have brought honor and justice to our True Parents work and integrity.

With Gratitude,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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