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Youth Divine Principle Summit

Michael Jenkins
November 12, 2006

Youth DP Summit -College Age Youth - DP lectures by Second Gen!!!

Dear Families and Brothers and Sisters,

We are looking for ways to encourage and engage our FFWPU Youth to be inspired and involved with the Divine Principle. Mr. Tossa Cromwell who is my assistant and Ms. Simone Doroski have taken this inspiration and developed a special Youth Summit and Divine Principle workshop, designed by, run by and developed by our Younger Unification brothers and sisters.

A couple of notices went out through Blessed Family and youth networks. However, this note is to make it clear that though this is a voluntary effort by our Youth it is supported by our FFWPU Headquarters. We have asked our education department led by Rev. Schanker to advise this effort. We have requested input from Mr. Mito, President of CARP and the Second Generation Department run by Rev. Jin Soo Kim.

All DP Lectures will be given by Second Generation. This is a DP workshop that is "open" for participation throughout the country. But it is primarily focused on word of mouth invitations and is seen as a bit of a "pioneering" experience to create something fresh and new. If anyone from your district would like to come - they are welcomed.

It will be at the Princess Royale Hotel in Ocean City, MD on Friday, November 17 - Sunday, November 19. Friday is open to late arrivals and the start of lectures is on Saturday morning. (Due to the fact that High school youth and many college age can't be free before late Friday afternoon.) There will be plenty of recreation time with activities and a heated indoor pool as well as sauna and whirlpool. (Camps were researched but were closed for the winter in the D.C. area. The hotel is the same one we have gotten "off season" rock bottom prices for when we had ACLC clergy conferences.) The fee is $130 per person - covering accommodations and all meals from Dinner Friday night to lunch on Sunday.

This workshop is being convened by Mr. Cromwell and in cooperation with a number of youth leaders. This is not a mandate or a direction but and opportunity to have a refreshing experience with the DP. We want to really "trust" our Youth leaders the way we were trusted by True Parents when we pioneered in our early twenties.

Rev. Schanker will be a "visiting" presenter - who will give a talk on the "Value of the DP". He will come for a portion of the time to give support. We have a number of experienced Second Generation lecturers who will be presenting the Divine Principle.

That is very, very exciting to us.

Dr. Yang and I originally wanted to be involved and support this but the World Tour has called us to the Middle East and beyond.

Please forgive the fact that this is a little bit "Ad Hoc" however we wanted to allow for as much creativity, leadership and new thinking as possible given by volunteer Youth leaders. From this we will assess and consider more Youth run programs for our young people.

Please consider coming.

Tossa and Simone's letter is below.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

Dear Second Generation Brothers and Sisters,

At the direction of Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins, we are holding a Youth Summit from Friday, November 17 through Sunday, November 19 in Ocean City, MD, led totally by 2nd generation. The theme of our summit will be Divine Principle in Action. There will be Divine Principle lectures, group discussions, activities, and music. This workshop will be really useful, because we will not only be studying Divine Principle theory, but we will also discuss how to relate it to our lives and how to live a true life based on the Divine Principle. This workshop is unlike any other workshop we have ever had, because all the lectures will be given by five 2nd generation. This workshop is going to be fun and exciting, and it will be in a beautiful hotel with a heated pool.

This workshop is very important because many of us are limited in our understanding of the value of Divine Principle. In particular, many 2nd generation need a greater insight into the true meaning of ideal family and ideal world. It is very important for us, the 2nd generation to deepen our understanding about our movement's vision and how it can become a reality. We are living in an important time of history. The urgency of historical restoration beckons to us. Being born into the church, it is easy to take our movement for granted. Let's rekindle the excitement of being honored to be a part of the 2nd generation, standing on the foundation of the hard work and sacrifice of the first generation.

We hope you can come to this workshop. Come share with us the heart of God.

As you can see, this workshop is happening next week. We need you to sign up for this ASAP, because we have to reserve rooms in the hotel. Attached is the registration form for the workshop. Just click on the first blank space and fill the document out on your computer. You can go to the next blank space by clicking the TAB key on your keyboard. We need to know by Sunday (Nov. 9) whether you can come or not. Please send your registration forms to Tossa ( and Simone ( The fee for the workshop will be around $130, which will cover rooms, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Open the doors that have or haven't been open before.
Rejoice in the love or your brothers and sisters.
Pray like you have never prayed before.
I call you out brothers and sisters, past or present.
Where are you?

May God be with you! We hope to see you there. Kindly forward this letter to all your second generation contacts. Thank you!

Tossa Cromwell

Simone Doroski

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