The Words of the Jenkins Family

On Our Way To The Original Peace Palace

Michael Jenkins
November 19, 2006

Dear Family,

Dr. Yang and I are just about to leave to attend Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents at the Original Peace Palace. I can hardly contain the heart of joy I feel as we are about to bring our gratitude and overwhelming report of the power of True Parents to bring peace to every nation on the earth. We are bringing the offering of the 120 Ambassadors for Peace who are now completing the Middle East and Africa portion of the Fourth World Tour.

They are going through many challenges and inspirations as they faithfully deliver the message of Peace. We are passing through many toils, dangers and snares but grace has brought us safe thus far and Grace will lead us home. They are testifying to True Parents.

In Cameroon, Reverend Andre Jackson was the principal spokesman at the main rally which took place at the centre of the Yaoundé Town. "I have come here to bring to you the Love of Father Moon and Mother Moon, the True Parents of Mankind," said Jackson, "I am his personal friend. I am his mouth piece. I am his ears. I am his eyes. If you want to know anything about Reverend Moon, come to me. As his friend, I will defend him to the end of my life."

Huge conditions of grace are about to be bestowed to all humanity at this time. True Parents have called all the families of Korea and Japan to come forward for a special three day workshop in Chung Pyung in which grace will pour down from heaven.

As we go through the world and especially through the troubled spots we see that though there is much turmoil the seeds of peace and the seeds of the Blessed families are taking root and growing. They are growing in the hearts of every community, every race and every religion. Some of these communities are still in severe conflict with one another but what we see is that NONE of them are in conflict with True Parents. We go from one enemy camp to the other but as we go representing the unconditional love of God and respect for all people we find that they open their hearts and bind together with True Parents in spirit. The blessing makes us all one family with one heavenly lineage so eventually our deep ties to each and every tribe and enemy camp will allow us to slowly but surely bring them together reconciling the history of division.

That is the Grace and Love of God coming through True Parents. Love is stronger than hate and fear. When hate and fear are cast out the weapons are willingly turned put down.

In John 4:17 the scripture says, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear."

Father has pledged that he will not leave this earth until the guns fall silent. He will fulfill that pledge. We are seeing it in reality in Africa the Middle East and throughout the world.

We are confident that the clergy's heart and faithfulness to True Parents will bring comfort to God and True Parents heart tomorrow.

Thanks America and thanks to every continent for fulfilling this Fourth International World Tour.



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