The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy True Children's Day

Michael Jenkins
November 21, 2006

Dear Family,

Happy True Children's Day. We began the celebration with a 7 am pledge service at Chung Pyung International Training Center. True Parent's both look great. They did three world tours in the past 12 months. True Mother led the way for the second and third tour --Mother looks beautiful and radiant -- it is amazing that what she went through -- such an exhausting and endless course. Being on the world tour we are experiencing with the clergy the exhaustion of travel each and every day. True Parents overcame this situation and walked the way literally before us. It is amazing What True Parents are doing is something that no one has ever done in history. Sending Ambassadors for Peace - religious leaders with the message of peace to every nation. When we were in Lebanon, we visited some dangerous and unstable areas, but I know that it is because of True Parents condition of sacrifice that we are protected. Father shared with us that his way of setting conditions is to literally put his body of the altar of sacrifice. To do this during the Ambassadors for Peace World Tour he goes out on the Ocean - whatever the weather - for prayer. He sets conditions and sometimes goes from early morning to late at night. It is a total sacrifice. But this is the way we can protect the family, the nation and the world. I felt the protection of True Parents while in the Middle East. I know that is why our clergy could go into small communities throughout Africa in sometimes unstable situations and be protected. True Parents sacrifice is protecting us all. Father is stronger than ever. He knows that this is the hour for which all of God's providence has been prepared and Father knows what to do to bring the world out of darkness. He is fulfilling this at this time.

We had pledge service. All providential nations, continents, regions and religions were represented for the pledge ceremony in which we bow before God. True Parents are one with God it is profound to see the progression that is occurring after True Parents entered the original palace.

Archbishop Stallings represented Judeo Christianity for the Kyung Beh. Rev. and Mrs. Kwak as the representative of all Blessed Central Families offered a tearful prayer of gratitude and recognition that True Parents having the restoration of Adam and Eve and established three generations of the blessed family have unlocked the blessing for all of humanity. Rev. Kwak read True Parent's address from the 2004 Children's Day. Father gave a special address. Then we went to Kintex Convention center for a rally of 50,000 people. It was very uplifting. Rev. Hwang was the MC and led the gathering with great inspiration. Key representatives from the Korean society, Cabinet members, Members of Parliament and many key Korean decision makers were in attendance. One former Cabinet minister congratulated us on the impact of the 120 Ambassadors for Peace World Tour and commented that the news we made at the DMZ was important. Father's influence is now seen as very central to the direction of the Unification of Korea. 50,000 people gathered with one week notice at Kintex, one elder told me that no other group in Korea can manage this and everyone knows it. Father's ability to gather so many so quickly is coming from our work in every community throughout Korea. The small meetings in each neighborhood for Tong Ban Kyok Pa and HDFC have given us an extremely solid base.

Another exciting thing is the fact that the Seong Am Soccer team which is owned by our movement's foundation just won against the Samsung team. This was the first time in the last 18 matches. It has created a strong sense of Father's fortune and victory among the Korean people. Our time has come to bring the world into the Peace Kingdom.

Archbishop Stallings was asked by True Parents to give a special report on the Fourth World Tour. Dr. Yang translated. Bishop Stallings gave a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that highlighted the work of Archbishop Milingo and the Married Priests now and the very inspiring highlights of the World Tour. He testified with words and pictures that True Parents are without question the King and Queen of Peace. He started by showing how he was moved by True Parents to no longer remain as a single Catholic Priest and was blessed to Sayomi san in 2001 along with Archbishop Milingo and 60 other religious leaders and their spouses. The gathering was so inspired to see the pictures of the Blessing and the shouted out when he said whatever Father Moon does brings results and then he flashed the pictures of his family with sons Shin Young and Young Pal - the crowd was very inspired.

The presentation highlighted the Clergy's faith and journey through America, Japan, Korea, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Great rallies occurred through each continent. The response in Africa was truly amazing, many huge mosques in Africa welcomed the UPF representatives with rallies of several thousands. He showed how True Parents sent us to Lebanon with Dr. Lee and the Middle East team of UPF - to the most dangerous and difficult areas we will go and we bring the message and example of Peace and Family. Archbishop Stallings testified that indeed True Parents can send us everywhere because they have the protection blessing and power of God to bring peace on earth. They are the fulfillment of scripture and the ones anointed by Jesus for the Second Coming. 50,000 people jumped to their feet affirming, "Amen, Aju, Aju!!"

Father came at that moment and delivered the next level of the peace message emphasizing absolute sexual morality through the blessing and the family. Father's address was so powerful and great. Father stuck with the text of his address, "God's Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal is the Family and the Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality." It is a message that is based on the past series of Peace Messages adding the teaching on foundation of morality. He said, "These words are the words of life that 120 International Religious Leaders who received them from True Parents directly are proclaiming to 120 nations of the world." Father's message goes directly into the heart of True Love and the meaning of the blessing. Especially that to secure the peace Kingdom we must have absolute sexual morality based on fidelity and purity in the marriage and the family.

True Parents have untangled all the knots that have bound Cain and Abel and are now bringing grace and blessing to each and every family. Peace has now been secured in the Spirit World between all races and religions and it is just a matter of time in which enmity will be swept away and True Love will be realized throughout the world.

What a great and Truly Historic Children's Day. May each and every family be blessed and please pray for the 120 clergy as they spend their Thanksgiving serving the world in Asia.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Happy True Children's Day.

With Gratitude to True Parents and to the Blessed Families of America and the World.


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