The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy Thanksgiving to all Blessed Families

Michael Jenkins
November 23, 2006

Dear Family,

Happy Thanksgiving.

It is a Thanksgiving to be grateful for. Many times in God's providence we don't realize which efforts we are making have the most central significance.

While with True Parents during Children's Day it became clear on several occasions how proud Father is of the American movement.

When he called for 120 Religious Leaders to stand as Ambassadors for Peace to deliver Father's Words of the Message of Peace to 120 Countries America responded.

When Bishop Stallings (with Dr. Yang translating) presented this to 50,000 on True Children's Day the impact was very clear. Everyone is very inspired. People could never imagine that such deep conviction would emerge from the 120. They are reading Father's Words each and everyday and proclaiming that this is the fulfillment of scripture. America through the 120 religious leaders fulfilled a very significant and deeply providential role. True Parent's feeling about America right now is very confident and deeply inspired. At breakfast with True Parents I couldn't believe the way Dr. Yang and I were encouraged and embraced by True Parents love and support. Father was so warm and told us that America can fulfill all that it is prepared for now. We must lead the world to peace through America and the Ambassadors for Peace. Then Father gave us absolute and serious direction. Now we must bring 1200 Ambassadors for Peace to the world and then 12,000. This must be fulfilled. (Father said to us do you understand Chang Shik Yang? Michael Jenkins? Pak Joo Hyun, Rev. Song? We were the only ones left at the breakfast. Do you understand? 1200 must be done now!! In our moment of immense joy as we saw True Father receive the offering of the 120, God revealed the next level of the plan!!!) True Parent's trained the American movement and instilled in us the values and heart of God.

Now let us truly celebrate this thanksgiving realizing that a most significant era has dawned for America where the role of the Elder Son Nation is being fulfilled. Rev. Hwang brought back many reflections the next day and the Ambassadors for Peace - high level Korean dignitaries were overwhelmed at the foundation of UPF in the world and the fact that 120 leaders from different faiths could come out from America and give Father's message. (We have to sincerely thank Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh and all continents for the international foundation that was prepared to receive True Parent's speaking tours - their reception to each world tour was the other half of the victory equation.)

Please continue to pray for our 120 Ambassadors for Peace who are spending their Thanksgiving away from their families and churches to bring God and True Parent's love to the World. They are in many countries in Asia now, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Cambodia, Afghanistan the Philippines and many more. God is working his providence in a most profound way.

This is a great Thanksgiving. Let us fulfill Father's direction to continue to expand the Ambassadors for Peace. Let us bring this confident and victorious spirit into focus now as we focus to gain new members and associates through our second generation, CARP, HDFC. (Many Second Generation are coming forward now with the heart to pick up the mission that God has called our families for.)

Let us expand the Ambassadors for Peace quickly to become the mass movement that God has envisioned - a mass movement that will touch the heart of America and allow her to lead the world with love.

Let us inspire the Pilgrim Fathers whose sacrifice set the condition for this great nation to rise and show them as they watch from heaven that a "new generation" of believers with the same heart to sacrifice our lives, fortunes and sacred honor for God and Country resides in the heart of every Blessed Family.

Happy Thanksgiving beloved American Blessed Central Families.

Congratulations to Blessed Families of every nation who are fulfilling the fourth International World Tour!!!

With Love,


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