The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special Grace in February, 2007

Michael Jenkins
November 26, 2006

Dear Leaders and all Blessed Central Families:

Things had to be worked out with Chung Pyung as to schedules for the special grace condition. This has now been finalized and DMN will bring this ceremony of grace to America in February of 2007. It will start in NY, then Washington, Chicago and SF.

The dates:

February 15-16 New York
February 16-17 Washington D.C
February 17-18 Chicago
February 18-19 San Francisco

Watch for the memo for details. The only thing that was announced so far was that every blessed couple should do a one day fast to prepare for this grace.

Periods that fasting can be done are as follows - One Day - during the following periods - Dec. 13~21 4: Jan 14~22 (All between 2 Ahn Shi Ils).

Details will be clarified in a formal HQ memo.


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