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Please support the Women's Federation December Programs for WFWPI's seven schools in Africa (Please attend and / or send a donation.)

Michael Jenkins
December 4, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

WFWP President Alexa Ward and WFWP leaders across the country are making a difference in Africa and thus helping fulfill the role that America was blessed to accomplish.

I sincerely ask that all members and in particular the Blessed Wives and women of FFWPU give their full support for events that are being hosted in 10 cities on December 2nd. Please either attend or send a financial contribution for this noble effort. They are also a very attractive experiences for your friends and guests.

As you know, since 2001 WFWP, USA has been raising funds for WFWPI's seven schools in six countries in Africa. WFWPI promotes these schools in Africa as the best way to eradicate poverty. Eradication of extreme poverty is the first of eight goals that make up the UN Millennium Declaration Goals. This year we stepped up the effort and offered an eight-month training program to teach WFWP members how to organize a benefit. 107 women participated in that training.

Below are some excerpts of a letter sent to me by Mrs. Ward about the upcoming events.

...On, December 2 nine benefits will be held across the country (Connecticut; New York; North Carolina; Georgia; Ohio; Illinois; Texas; Southern California; and Oregon). Benefits have already been held in Northern California and Colorado. Benefits will be held in Washington, DC on Dec. 3, in Upstate New York, Florida, and the State of Washington in the coming weeks. These range from entertainment and a PowerPoint presentation, to a concert, to a fashion show. Tickets and or registration fees range from $25 to $40 per person. WFWP leaders and their contacts have worked hard to organize quality programs that everyone will enjoy.
We are hoping to raise at least $60,000 net profit to send to Africa. I believe that we will raise more than that. If you are unable to attend, even a modest contribution will help us achieve our goals. Thank You, Mrs. Alexa Ward - WFWP President
WFWPI activities continue to enhance a very practical image of the heart of True Parents for humanity and show the real spirit of our movement to "Live for the Sake of Others". Please come, bring your colleagues, friends, neighbors and key men and women Ambassadors for Peace !!! Our collective efforts to support the work that True Parents created through the WFWP will help our communities and our world to receive God's Blessing.

We sincerely thank Mrs. Ward and all the WFWP leaders and members for their vision and courage. We also want to encourage you to become a monthly contributor to WFWP through electronic withdrawal of $12 per month (if you haven't already.)

Thanks for your support for all the aspects of God's Dispensation.


Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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