The Words of the Jenkins Family

Answers To Questions About The Upcoming Comfort Blessing

Michael Jenkins
December 13, 2006

Dear Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Schanker, Mr. Leone, and Mr. Stephens,
I have several questions asked to be on behalf of ascended families around the world regarding the upcoming comfort blessing. Can you answer these as soon as possible for the Ascended Families and for myself as well?
If you have already had a recent comfort blessing by a Korean leader, or another Church leader is it necessary to participate in this blessing, as I know of three couples that have done this already?

No comfort blessings were permitted by Father since the last time many years ago. Any comfort Blessing that any leader approved was not approved by True Parents. We should see about getting permission for Father's comfort Blessing for those couples. With this special time amnesty for all past mistakes, they still may qualify for this comfort blessing.

Will the blessed couples that already are living together as husband and wife, be blessed together?

The application is for individuals. However our Continental director and President wants to review each potential pre matched couple and be sensitive to each situation.

Will Father do the matching? If a person would like a comfort blessing with someone they already know and are comfortable with, will they be able to do so?

Unlikely that Father will match. Probably both families must agree and the children must agree and be considered. Again our Continental Director wants to review each and every potential couple with sensitivity.

If a person is below 50, and of childbearing age will they be able to have a comfort blessing as well? What will happen to them? Will this be addressed as it is crucial for younger members with small children?

The direction is that the couple has to pledge that they will have no children. However, people of child bearing age were not prohibited from applying.

When will the comfort blessing be, where and can it be done by an elder in another country as most widows are too poor to travel or can it be done by Satellite?

No information on this yet. We will seek clarification by December 20th.

Can the members have a say so in their matching and express their desires depending on their situation ex if there children have specific needs etc or they want someone with a special strength that they may need for their family situation etc?

We believe that the couples will have to find each other. This is what happened last year with the divorced couples situation. However, with spouses in the spirit world there is a chance that Father will match. We believe that chance is small. Therefore everyone should have a spouse in mind.

What are the spiritual ramifications for the couple? I assume they will return to their original spouse? Is this correct?

The principle is that they will join their original spouse in the spirit world. That is why no children should be conceived.

As this is very sudden and most widows have children and need to pray this can the time be extended on this for an application beyond d the 9th, especially in Europe Dae Mo Nim is coming and they are preparing for this now.

Apply ASAP. If people aren't sure they should apply anyway. They have to have their central figures approval (We need to know the background of the candidate.) If they want to drop out latter that's fine.

Can you only have a comfort blessing with a former widow not someone else who may be a single church member or a divorced church member?

Both must have an ascended spouse.

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