The Words of the Jenkins Family

Call For Prayer For Seattle And Oregon: The Seattle Storm

Michael Jenkins
December 18, 2006

Dear Family,

Please pray for Washington and Oregon. They are being hit hard by storms. Still our Ambassadors for Peace from the area somehow made it to Korea.

Please pray for Rev. Krishnek and our Seattle District.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

Seattle really got nailed with a big wind storm last night. As a result, almost 1 million people lost power. Many of our families are without power. Lots of Puget Sound areas have no stop lights working so getting around is a real adventure.

We had heavy rains two night previous, which resulted in some flooding of the Windermere basement. The rains made the soil very soupy so that the winds could knock down three trees on the property last night. One of them missed hitting our neighbors' house by inches. We have no phone, no internet, but we have electricity! Praise God for that!

Our bodies are wet but our spirits are not dampened. We lost some trees, but we gained some firewood.

God Bless you

We will succeed.

Larry Krishnek

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