The Words of the Kiely Family

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Report and Self -- Introduction of New York Family (Maria Pascher [Kiley] - March 1970)

Reflections on My Mission in a Muslim Land (Michael Kiely - February 1981)

 How to Meet the Press: A Survival Guide

Me, My Younger Sister, and Our Cain & Abel Relationship (Yung Kwang Kiely 11/98)

Testimony by Michael and Maria Kiely, Parents of Kotun (Michael and Maria Kiely - February 8, 2003)

GPF and Nigeria UPF (Michael Kiely - November 17, 2010)

Gala Celebration for 40-Year Veterans, December 10 (Michael Kiely - November 25, 2010)

Reply to Ben Lorentzen (Michael and Maria Kiely - October 8, 2012)

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