The Words of the Sang Hun Lee

 Table of Contents

On the Nature of Production Power (November 1972 pdf)

Dr. Sang-Hun Lee and Unification Thought (January 1973 - Translated by Han-Joo Cha pdf)

Professors World Peace Academy Launched (Sang Hun Lee - May 6, 1973 pdf)

Eleventh Unification Thought Seminar Held in Korea (Sang-Hun Lee - October 9, 1973 pdf)

The Formulation of Marxism (Sang Hun Lee - December 1973 pdf)

Basis of Ethics in the Unification Principle (Sang Hun Lee - January 1974 pdf)

Man vs. Machines: Who Produces Profit? (Sang Hun Lee - January 1974 pdf)

Testimony On 21-Day Fasting (June 17, 1984)

Questions and Answers on Unification Thought (September 1984)

Biography of Dr. Sang Hun Lee (1988)

Unification Thought Theory of History (circa 1991)

Today's World Problems and Unification Thought (1991)

Letter Communication With Spirit Self (September 9, 1992)

Letter Communication With Spirit Self 2 (September 9, 1992)

Testimony: True Father Guided Me to Realize My Portion of Responsibility (Sang Hun Lee - September 2015 pdf)

How I joined the Unification Church (Sang Hun Lee - Compiled by Taekon Lee November 16, 2015 pdf)

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