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IRFF Summer Project

Ichinori Tsumagari
May 16, 2006

IRFF is planning to have a wonderful summer project in Zambia this summer. We are planning to be there from July 25 to August 8. We are planning to attend the TC’s speech (August 2) as well while we are there. Maximum people they can handle are 15 people and we already have 5 people signed up. I am truly grateful that you can send this message to all your contacts. I am sure some 2nd Generations or some of BCF’s contacts might be very interested in this program. Anyone who is interested can go to our website: www.irff-america,org and he or she can find more details and the application form and the Participant Guidelines. Also anyone who would like to support this project and any IRFF’s works, they are always welcome. Please go to

Sincerely yours,
Jeung-il Tsumagari

Discover True Friends Tour: Africa Edition - Building the Culture of Heart and Peace

July 25 – August 8, 2006
Mackenzie Community, Ndola, Zambia

Join IRFF on our ‘Discover True Friends Tour: Africa Edition’ this summer!

Now, more than ever, is the time that we must create understanding and friendships with our brothers and sisters of other countries and cultures.

Work with us to build relationships with our neighbors in Zambia. Bring your skills and talents to Ndola and learn how to implement a plan for sustainable development in a community that desperately needs the resources that we often take for granted.

Come and share our blessings and bridge the divides of ignorance and misunderstandings that separate us.

You will change lives; maybe most of all your own. Join us.

IRFF has been working with the UN for building the Culture of Peace. (International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the world: 2001-2010). Visit our website at to find out more and to download an application.

"Two summers ago when I went, it not only changed my life, but I felt that I should share my blessing with others, so that their experiences may change their lives as well. It got me thinking that our drama isn’t the only thing that’s going on; everyday and everywhere there is something bigger and more tragic that needs to be taken care of. All we need to do now is start the cure."

- Jeung-il Tsumagari

Building a Peaceful Global Community through Sustainable Development!

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