The Words of the Watanabe Family

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Summary and Evaluation of The Second International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (Isamu Watanabe, Glenn Strait, Brian Wijeratne - November 21, 1973 pdf)

Soul Watanabe Brings the Los Angeles Unification Church Witnessing Results (Sallyann Goodall - April 1976 pdf)

My Testimony of the Matching (Jinju Watanabe - June 21, 2003)

Chicago Church Follow Up (Akira Watanabe - October 15, 2005)

Mini Global Peace Festival in Kanagawa (Remia Martin Watanabe - October 5, 2008)

Chiba hosted Mini GPF (Remia Martin Watanabe - November 9, 2008)

Peace Council in Fiji Discusses Marriage and Family (Kenji Watanabe - June 13, 2009)

A Report From The “Growing Up” Workshop September 19 (Makiko Watanabe and Lenka Golovlev - September 25, 2009)

Coming closer to God and True Parents (Akira Watanabe - November 21, 2009)

Profile: Makiko Watanabe (Kevin Thompson - April 29, 2010)

Darkest Time Before Sunrise (Takeshi Watanabe - November 14, 2010)

Letter to God (Sayo Watanabe - September 2, 2011)

IFA Sunday Service December 9 2012 Rev. Katsuyoshi (Seoul) Watanabe (December 6, 2012)

IFA Sunday Service December 9 Sunday Service Bulletin Rev. Katsuyoshi (Seoul) Watanabe (December 8, 2012)

Rev. Katsuyoshi (Seoul) Watanabe speaks at the IFA Sunday Service, August 3, 2014, Shibuya HQ 2:00pm (July 31, 2014)

Rev. Katsuyoshi (Seoul) Watanabe: “Our Messiahship” (IFA Sunday Service - August 3, 2014 pdf)

Announcement -- Exciting Divine Principle Retreats in the Southwest (Akira Watanabe - October 15, 2014 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas Hosts Life-Changing Workshop at Camp Mozumdar (Akira Watanabe - October 25, 2015 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas Two-Day Weekend Divine Principle Retreat (Akira Watanabe - April 16, 2016 pdf)

17 attend Auckland, New Zealand Divine Principle Youth Workshop (Amon Watanabe - June 6, 2016 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas hosted our first monthly 2-Day Workshop for the Fall semester (Akira Watanabe - October 1, 2016 pdf)

Our friend Takeshi "Terry" Watanabe was killed by a robber this morning (Paul Carlson - October 18, 2016 pdf)

Passing of Our Beloved Brother, Takeshi "Terry" Watanabe (Ki Hoon Kim and Michael Balcomb - October 25, 2016 pdf)

In Memory of Takeshi Watanabe (1961 - 2016) (Crescentia DeGoede - October 26, 2016 pdf)

Passing of our Beloved Second-Generation Sister, Reiko Watanabe (Ki Hoon Kim and Michael Balcomb - November 21, 2016 pdf)

In Memory of Reiko Watanabe (1994 - 2016) (Crescentia DeGoede - November 22, 2016 pdf)

CARP Divine Principle Retreat at Luxury home in Las Vegas for college students! (Akira Watanabe - December 15, 2016 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas' grand opening for College of Southern Nevada (CSN) chapter (Akira Watanabe - April 13, 2017 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas' 40-day road trip to visit American Unificationist communities (Akira Watanabe - May 12, 2017 pdf)

Las Vegas CARP witnesses in New York City for True Parents at the Garden (Akira Watanabe - June 11, 2017 pdf)

CARP to teach at Be the Example character education program at School (Akira Watanabe - September 6, 2017 pdf)

Mike and Monica Kellet organize Memorial for Terry Watanabe (Kevin Thompson - September 20, 2017 pdf)

CARP Las Vegas' Fall Semester Kickoff Two Day Divine Principle Workshop (Akira Watanabe - September 22, 2017 pdf)

The Las Vegas Chapters of CARP Host a Three-Day Divine Principle Workshop (Makiko Watanabe - February 18, 2019 pdf)

UPF and WFWP New Zealand's Peace One Day interfaith event in Auckland (Kenji Watanabe - September 22, 2019 pdf)

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