The Words of the Ilin Family

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'As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen' Introduced in Kiev (Michael Ilin - October 20, 2010)

Conference Focuses on the Ukrainian National Ideal (Mykhailo Ilin - October 18, 2013)

Mykhailo Ilin, the president of the Unification Church of Ukraine, visited the Maryland Unification Church (Douglas Burton - November 7, 2014 pdf)

Ukrainian, Korean Pupils Learn Peace School Lessons (Mykhailo Ilin - April 16, 2015 pdf)

International Day of Peace Observed in Ukraine (Mykhailo Ilin - September 19, 2015 pdf)

Blessed Families News from the Ukraine (Mykhailo Ilin - October 24, 2015 pdf)

International Day of Peace 2016 celebrated in Ukraine Ambassadors for Peace (Mykhailo Ilin - September 21, 2016 pdf)

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