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Save Morning Garden

Tony and Ria La Hogue
October 20, 2010

Last weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of attending a two day workshop in Morning Garden House in Gloucester. This was our first ever visit to this magnificent and historical house, the beginning point of True Parents Ocean providence.

The building is being made available for church members who wish to have a break from the city, and what better place than Morning Garden with it's history and it's beautiful setting by the ocean. For a $15 or $30 per night per person donation, members are able to stay and relax and explore the area, and live in this house where many members of the True Family stayed, prayed, played and went out to sea to fish for tuna.

The historical significance of this site will never change, but the magnificence is being worn away by the need for some serious roof repairs and general maintenance. My wife and I are moved to start a fund-raising drive to help save the building where Father and so many Ocean Challenge members shed blood, sweat and tears for Heaven. I believe we in America have to keep and preserve any site like this for our future generations to also experience. If we could gather 200 families or individuals who could offer $100, then the roof can be repaired.

If you like, your could offer $400.00 to replace a door between True Parents and True Grand-children's bedroom and be rewarded with before and after photos to keep as a family memory.

For more information, or to book your next family weekend, family reunion, commitment ceremony of your children or Hoon-dook group getaway, contact Silvia Quesada. If you feel called to be one of the 200 families, mail a check made out to

Unification Church
190 Western Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930,

and make a note that it is for Morning Garden restoration. We can do this.

Thanks and Aju,

Tony and Ria La Hogue 

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