The Words of the Lahogue Family

Tears of Joy and Victory

Michael Lahogue
December 22, 2009

Before I begin, I'd like to thank Heavenly Father, True Parents, and Spirit World for all their hard work and investment. I'd also like to thank my parents, who were always there for me even though I was ungrateful.

Friday had finally come to Key West, Florida and I knew this would be a rare opportunity for me to believe in a $1000 goal. Tomeo-hyung gave morning service on the beach about mobilizing Spirit World. He read Chris's testimony about loving True Parents and I was pretty inspired to go out. Throughout the day on Friday I got no amazing offerings or donations. Tomeo-hyung's advice, though, let me "Be True Father through Perseverance" (my internal goal) in that rejections didn't really faze me. I realized that those that rejected me just weren't ready yet. When someone would reject me I would feel sorry for them and say so, but I still had hope that they, one day, would be prepared.

Our blitz area was a downtown strip of bars with party-goers. I felt like Father in Hungnam -- this was such a spiritually dead area. I persevered, though, through all the negativity on Duval Street till 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, and thanks to a few principled victories was at $953 by the time we got to bed. We were so tired that it took me about 10 tries to count the result because I kept falling asleep.

We had two morning blitzes. I only needed $47, but, within the first hour blitz I was only able to restore $10. Feelings of doubt and worry crept into my mind. I decided to believe in spirit world, though, and went out for that last blitz. I wanted to make God, True Parents, and my parents proud. The feeling of gratitude that washed over me when I realized I had made it was amazing. I could not stop myself from shedding tears of joy and victory.

Regardless of whether or not I had broken 1000, I was grateful for the sub-team experience because it left me with a deeper trust in the power of God and the Spirit World. I hope that I can keep this faith with me for the rest of Super Challenge, STF, and life. Thank You. 

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