The Words of the Meijer Family

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Building God's Kingdom in American (Maarten Meijer - September 1987)

UTS Alumnus Publishes New Book In Korea (Maarten Meijer - October 2009)

A Global Citizen Finds Meaning in Service (Renee Meijer - October 2009)

Prayer condition for True Parents (Maarten Meijer - June 7, 2010)

A response to Understanding facts concerning Hyun Jin nim (Maarten Meijer - June 12, 2010)

Book project: Why do non-Koreans join the Unification Church? (Maarten Meijer - February 1, 2011)

Why do non-Koreans join (and stay in) the Unification Church? (Maarten Meijer - June 28, 2012 pdf)

People Who Choose the Unification Church (Maarten Meijer - December 9, 2015 pdf)

Writing with God (Maarten Meijer - January 2016 pdf)

Writing with God (Maarten Meijer - January 29, 2016 pdf)

I prayed to God and felt that Old Pain, that comes to you through the decades (Maarten Meijer - June 28, 2019 pdf)

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