The Words of the Nagai Family

Distributing True Father's Autobiography

Terumi Nagai
October 15, 2010

I would like to give my testimony, humbly, as I have completed the distribution of 430 books. I distributed the books while I was fundraising.

I reflected on my life of faith deeply and repented that I had not fulfilled my responsibility and have accumulated spiritual debts for many years. It would be great if I became the perfect object for Heaven, and gained victory whenever the Providence required me to fulfill it. In this regard, I determined firmly that I would surely respond to Heaven's expectation this time. That is how I started, and this motivated me to keep on going until I completed the distribution of 430 books.

I purchased 8 boxes of books from the New Jersey Church and another 8 boxes from the KEA Church. Besides these books, I bought 10 books in Japanese and 7 books in Korean. As I mentioned earlier, I distributed the books while I was fundraising. My daily goal was to distribute one box of books (28 books).

In reality, I did not fulfill my daily goal since many people in Fort Lee told me that they had a copy already. So I could only fulfill about a half of my daily goal for many days.

Even though I placed the books and my fundraising products (wood-scroll) together in my bag, my spiritual eye could only see the books. My heart was filled with the deep yearning and feeling of: "I want to give the book; I want to give this precious book."

The fact that when I fundraised I received money without testifying to True Father accumulated big debts in my heart. When I asked people if they knew the person on the book cover, most of the people responded that they did not know him. It made my heart frozen inside every time I heard that response. I felt that it was the result of my not testifying to True Father even though I was sent to this nation as a missionary more than 10 years ago.

I came to know God's Will when I was 19 years old and have received lots of love from True Parents and have met them many times. However, the person in front of me does not know the name and face of True Father at all. Then, of course, they do not know the heart of True Parents. And now, True Father is 90 years old…. When I faced this reality, I repented that I committed a grave sin in front of Heaven. Tears came to my eyes many times.

One person was moved by my sincerity and gave me $10 even though he did not want the product at the beginning and offered another $5 for donation. At that time I felt that the wall between us was broken down. True Love is the only weapon that makes people one. True Parents have loved us and they guided us to become one with True Love.

One Korean man said to me, "I don't need your product nor give any donation, but would you still give me this book?" I said, "Yes, I would." Then, he received the book and held it tightly on his chest saying, "Honestly speaking, I wanted to know about this person for a long time. I will read this book thoroughly. Thank you very much." I will never forget that scene.

One Western woman asked me to sign the book. Another man who owns a Pizza shop gave me a box of Pizza, which made it difficult for me to carry it around when distributing.

One day I saw three men sitting in front of a shop. They looked so sad that I went over and gave them books, saying "This book gives you hope for sure. So please read it!" Then, one of them said, "I will take it." It moved me to tears. Other young man made a promise to read it right away.

My heart was especially touched when I gave the book to the young people. They usually opened the book right there and started reading. Sometimes their friends or co-workers gathered around them and had a conversation centered on the autobiography. When I gave the book to people, I always said to them, "This book is a gift from God to you." They were touched by that comment.

Since I had a determination to give the book to anybody regardless of who they were, I even gave it to a man in his 50s' who works at an adult video shop. I thought that this kind of person should be saved for sure. Later on I met him again and he told me that it was a good book and he was moved by it. It taught me a lesson that we should not judge people by how they look on the outside.

During this period of distribution, one Egyptian man called my cell phone and told me, "This book is a very good book. I want to know more about it." He has not finished reading it yet, so I will contact him later.

The next day, after I completed distributing 430 books, one Japanese elder sister called me. She said, "When I was praying, all of a sudden, your face appeared to me. That's why I am calling you now…" I was very surprised by her call since I did not see her for many years. I recognized the effect of setting the condition. People would call you if you set enough conditions. I realized that lack of conditions made me unable to witness to people so far.

My husband also distributed the books to his acquaintances during this period. One of them was a Korean man. He was so moved by the book that he wanted to write a letter to Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He is now actually writing it.

This experience taught me how wonderful God's love and True Love is.

I am convinced that the distribution of 430 books is truly the fruit of God and True Parents' love and through actually distributing it we can inherit its fruits.

Thank you very much. 

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