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The Principle of the Second Advent Era is Decentralization

Joseph C. Raucci
November 27, 2010

Dear Fellow Unificationists!

"Just as the members of a man's body work in a horizontal relationship with one another according to the vertical movement of the heart, so society should be organized so that men may live in a horizontal relationship with one another according to the vertical movement of God's Heart."
– Hyo Won Eu's Divine Principle, Chapter 3: Section I -- The Fulfillment Of God's Purpose Of Creation And The Fall Of Man with a proposed revision by Joseph Raucci

What does an electron microscope have in common with the House of Representatives? What does the Internet have in common with the Protestant Reformation? What does the "Channel 6 News" have in common with an airplane?

All of these recent man-made entities have this in common: The picture of human life that they belong to is one whereby the individual has the power to choose what he must out of his own free will, apart from any authoritative body.

He can choose what he sees or hears, reads, how he interprets it, where he goes, what he buys, who will be his king, and so on. Whether any of the above entities such as the authoritative news channel actually succeed in bringing true freedom to the individual is beside my point; today's average freedom-seeker sees them as steps on the societal ladder to individual autonomy, indicating a pulsating drive in the spiritual world toward this end.

What do the king, the Pope, and the capitalist have in common? Power over others.

In the Divine Principle, we have great details presented to us about the progression of the spheres of politics, religion, and economy within society. The feudal system of the Dark Ages progresses into the absolute monarchy of the Middle Ages, which progresses into the democracy of the present. The "feudalistic Christianity" progresses into the "monarchic Christianity" which progresses into the "democratic Christianity" of the present. The feudal economy progresses into the capitalist economy of the present. What does the capitalist economy progress into?

"Because human beings are created to live in an ideal society, they will inevitably pursue a socialistic ideal as they strive for freedom and democracy and further search into their original nature."
– Divine Principle Part II, Chapter 4, Section 7.2.6

Heavenly Socialism, where the individual's needs are taken care of by freely associating with his fellow human beings as a family with moral ideals rather than by participating in the typical master-slave relationship constructed by fallen capitalists, where needs are taken care of through financial compensation; this being distributed based on prices which are calculated using arbitrary materialistic qualities such as weight, minutes spent in production, or even brand name. In one, value is determined by love and needs are met through God-centered conversation. In the other, value is determined by math and needs are met by making sure you do not get fired by missing deadlines for a boss.

Communism, the Godless satanic imitation of God's Heavenly Socialism where the ideal economy is taken by force has fallen decades ago, thanks to the True Parents and all who helped mobilize the spiritual world in God's favor at the time whether connected to the physical True Parents or not. Its collapse left a void -- what ended up filling this void? -- more capitalism. Of the three spheres, economy still centralizes power in the hands of a select few, and enables a corrupting or inhibiting influence upon those who operate in positions spanning the other two spheres. Father lets us know our mission as Blessed families is to feed the starving of Earth. Mother has no greater pain than seeing the emaciation of the body of a child of hers -- whatever the age -- as the external reflection of the hatred that has been permitted to reach it outside the love of True Parents.

I once -- haven't we all -- had an argument with a "Unificationist." I said, "Let's allow the world to see how great the Blessing is because we can actually solve the problems of the starving children in Africa!" And she replied, "That's backwards; before we can feed them they need to be given the Blessing."

"I truly, truly want to save your children's dear lives but you have to join my secret club first. I have no choice. Where is my pen? Hang on a sec, let me get the paperwork."
– Devoted Unificationist Follower of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and all Mankind

Supposedly God's central task force, the Unificationists of the world, are to be pioneering a way forward to cure this tragic disease. However, we are caught in an intricate organizational web of authority which was initially for the purpose of lifting God's movement off the ground. Questions of "church or not church" have surfaced after Hyung Jin Nim declared "church" in contrast to well-known words of his father. A nail-biting schism has been burgeoning ever since the Brazilian meltdown, when in fact a schism would never have even been possible if the church structure had not existed. Since a cultivated practice which unifies science and religion is not popular amongst Unificationists, and only a book containing results of and various keys to such a spiritual-scientific practice has emerged called "The Divine Principle," many followers of the True Parents have no choice but to seek out what the leading scientist, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, has to say on the matter between him and his son. Now anyone who wants to convince anyone else of this or that must scramble to get the facts straight about one man's words and their data hinges upon what flies off the tongues of leaders, who cannot even unite with each other as "Unificationists."

Father has repeatedly tried to dissolve the Moon organization. He startled many by his handling of the October 2010 Blessing in which he passed the power over to candidates to match themselves, another indication that we must finally become our own leaders with our own vertical relationships to God.

So Father has appointed "leaders" -- so he has given someone he loves a certain responsibility towards God and spirit world and other human beings who have bodies and that someone accepts it because they love him. This does not tell anyone anything about the right way such a cosmic responsibility is to be carried out. If it has anything to do with requiring a person to sign contracts or hand over an arbitrary amount of small green numbered papers or saying to him, "I as your leader command you to do this even though you don't know why," then a bureaucratic organization that bypasses the freedom of individuals working out their uniquely Divine relationships to one another based on God-centered conversation will gradually trickle in and drown that which is organically trying to progress in the Providence. This authoritative body is called a "cult"!

God works through the mission of a central figure. Yet, must True Family continue to be revered as a dynasty through which God's mouth speaks, rather than be revered as a pioneering family whose mission was to pass on the torch of His Love to others who have their own mission as central figures to pass on the same torch? Is it not possible to dissolve -- decentralize -- the "absolute monarchic Christianity" of the Unification Church and still remain connected "heartistically" with one another as individuals, working together out of a profound love of truth, beauty, and goodness rooted in the Principle? Is it not possible for those who have the truest faith in God and desire for the Kingdom of Heaven to pioneer indeed a way toward Heavenly Socialism as an example for our fellow brothers and sisters who sweat and toil throughout the "non-True Parents' world"?

Our Blessed brothers and sisters in the Los Angeles community have lost a dear Blessed sister who shot herself in the head after robbing a store and carjacking with another young Blessed girl. Has there ever been such a tragically brutal story told about our own Blessed children? Would this have happened if these girls had been financially supported by Heavenly Socialists, who would have given them exactly what they needed after a God-centered conversation rooted in the all-loving all-embracing heart of True Mother and the all-loving but disciplinary heart of True Father about the needs they expressed?

If you as a Blessed child of God are responsible for everything as the center of the cosmos and so am I, then what is it that we cannot accomplish together?

I will leave you with the following:

As a teenager I once labored under the delusion that verbally convincing others of the value of True Parents would lead to the Kingdom -- even more so under the delusion that arguing across an electronic screen would solve anything. Finally, fed up with arguing against them over the Internet, I posted to the forum, "How can I prove to you the truth of what I write?" And, one genius replied, "Read Matthew 17:20. Move mountains and we will see." He could have been the most sincere human being ever or the most sarcastic clown roaming cyberspace, but what he wrote paused my pulse! In the Second Advent Era, it is long overdue: When will we move mountains?

Your brother in Christ,

Joseph C. Raucci
Secretary for Hospitality
Institute for Hypostatic Science 

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