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The Home Church Theme Song Contest Of 1987

Su Schroeder
July 1987

Several years ago, President David S. C. Kim of the Unification Theological Seminary at Barrytown, initiated an annual Home Church Theme Song Contest centered on the ideal of the home church ministry. As we know, home church is an important part of the Kingdom, not just part of the restoration process. The idea behind the song contest is to help keep the home church vision alive in our hearts and to give us songs to stir our deep memories in the future, just as the holy songs of the early members in Korea and Japan have done for us. President Kim would like to have a contest for several more years and collate all of the yearly winners into a home church song book. This is the fifth annual contest.

The guidelines for the contest are as follows:

1. Required: Include the theme and words "home church" in the lyrics.

2. The melody should be singable by congregation, not just a soloist. Remember that our congregation is very international. Beauty, lyricism, and a simple rhythm are good guidelines. In the past a number of beautiful songs were eliminated as winners simply because they were not easily sung by a group or because they did not include the theme or the words "home church"

3. Required: Send a tape of the song and a copy of the written words. Optional, but preferable: Send the printed musical score in addition to the tape and words.

4. Include your current address.

5. Deadline: August 15, 1987.

6. A $50.00 prize goes to this year's winner.

Send to:

UTS Home Church Song Contest
10 Dock Road
Barrytown, NY 12507

This contest is being held worldwide. Last year's winner was Michael Brunsbach from West Germany. Maybe this year it will be you! I am looking forward to hearing your songs.

In our True Parents' name,

Su Schroeder
The UTS Home Church Theme Song
Contest Committee 

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