The Words of the Takenaka Family

Distributing 430 Father's Autobiography

Francoise Takenaka
November 29, 2011

State: OH

I am really thankful to True Parents for giving us the goal of distributing 430 Father's autobiography.

I felt in my heart that I want to accomplish Father's directions. I started to visit all my contacts and gave them a book then when I finished, I felt hesitant about approaching new people. I needed a method. For 2 weeks, I was thinking and asking to God how I can do it. Finally 1 day, it came to me that I should use a survey to open the communication with people. I thought about creating a survey on world peace:

What do you think are some of the major obstacles to world peace?

Do you believe that the world will ever experience a state of total peace?

Do you know a public figure who stands out to you as a champion for peace?

I then thanked them for answering my questions and told them that I had a gift for them, the life of a champion for Peace, Rev. Moon. I felt confident of this approach and decided to go door to door in my city.

I started in July, going out 1 hour a day. I decided that 4 pm would be the time. I felt a lot of joy to go door to door, this became a very precious time of the day, I spent time talking to God as I was walking in the street, reflecting about True Father's life and reflecting on my faith. It became a wonderful experience that I will not forget. I received inspirations and answers to some of my questions.

I met all kind of people; some had heard about Father, some did not. I tried to give them True Parents' Love as I talked with them. I chose affluent neighborhoods. I thought this is a wonderful way to meet professional people and give them the chance to discover Father and made nice contacts. I specially appreciated when people invited me in and we could have a good sharing. I felt the spiritual world guiding me in choosing my area each day. Once I was driving to my door to door area and without explanation suddenly found myself making a turn into a new apartment complex, I was puzzled, as if someone took over my wheel. That day many people were home and received gratefully the book.

When people refused to take Father's book, I did not let it affect me; I just hummed Holy Songs and got more strength. Each day when I went out, I had such a great feeling of fulfillment. I realized that this direction of distributing 430 books was a gift from Heaven not a burden, a way to renew my relationship with True Parents

On November 29th, I accomplished distributing 430 books. I will make effort to take care of these new contacts and keep up my witnessing spirit.

Thank you True Parents.

Francoise Takenaka 

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