The Words of the Ang Family

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God and Man, a Spiritual Workshop of Restoration (Edwin Ang - June 30, 1970)

Economic progress in Taiwan (Edwin K. Ang - October 1971)

Public Purpose (Marie Ang - April 1972 pdf)

Unification Church Berkeley Center membership list (Edwin Ang - May l, 1972 pdf)

Testimony to my Blessing in 1969: In Christ there is no East or West (Marie Ang - 1980 pdf)

Spiritual Messages from Heavenly Father and Heung Jin Nim (Joni Ang - July 8, 1987)

Hope for Girls: Transformation of Value Systems (Jennifer Ang - April 17, 2007 pdf)

Urgent - Save your place for the 8th WFWPI Leaders Workshop BY THIS FRIDAY, August 10 (Jennifer Ang - August 9, 2007)

American Church Pioneers Celebrate 40 Years in America (Marie Ang - March 28, 2009)

Dr. Edwin Ang Celebrates His 90th Birthday (David Dilg - August 10, 2016 pdf)

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