The Words of the Angelucci Family

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Our Mission (Marilyn Angelucci - Feb 22, 2005)

Peace Education in Afghanistan (Marilyn Angelucci - September 2007)

Working together and empower women! IRFF Peace Microfinance Program in Afghanistan (Umberto Angelucci - January 6, 2008 pdf)

Volunteers for Afghanistan (Umberto and Marilyn Angelucci - January 5, 2011)

International Peace Leadership College in the Philippines (Interview of Marilyn Angelucci - February 2012)

Fourth Graduating Class at IPLC (Marilyn Angelucci - April 11, 2012)

120 days' Workshop 5th Batch graduation and information for the new 6th batch of 120 days' Workshop (Umberto Angelucci - September 23, 2012)

An Exciting time to live and a great opportunity in the Philippines (Umberto and Marilyn Angelucci - December 6, 2012)

Please help Filipino students going to True Mother's Academy (Marilyn Angelucci - January 24, 2014 pdf)

Let Us Lighten True Mother's Burden (Umberto and Marilyn Angelucci - May 2015 pdf)

Peace Road 2015 in Turkey (Umberto Angelucci - July 19, 2015 pdf)

Seminar in cooperation with Middle East Region in Rome, Italy (Umberto Angelucci - November 1, 2015 pdf)

Strengthening the Ambassadors for Peace foundation in the Middle East (Umberto Angelucci - November 1, 2015 pdf)

The Substantial True Mother of Heaven, Earth and Humankind (Umberto Angelucci - May 2016 pdf)

Middle East Ambassadors for Peace Meet in Rome (Umberto Angelucci - July 14, 2016 pdf)

Middle East Ambassadors for Peace Attend Peace Principles Seminar in Rome (Umberto Angelucci - July 14, 2016 pdf)

UPF conference on Syria: Soft Power Approaches to Peace in Cyprus (Umberto Angelucci - December 19, 2016 pdf)

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