The Words of the Ito Family

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Burkina Faso -- Upper Volta -- Nine Years of Struggle and Success (Kenichi Ito - March 1985)

Peace Tour Marshall Islands (Kenichi Ito - December 2, 2006)

Legacy of Peace Ceremony in the Marshall Islands (Kenichi Ito - July 31, 2010)

Marshall Islands' Speaker of Parliament and President receive Sun Myung Moon's autobiography (Kenichi Ito - August 2012)

Unificationist Hanayo Ito Reports Sex Harassment and Abuse in Japan (Iris Quesad - August 3, 2012 pdf)

Hanayo Ito Fights for Fair Treatment of Unificationists at Chiba University (Luke Higuchi - April 1, 2013 pdf)

The Japanese Chuhwa Cultural Festival trains New Leaders (Yasuaki Ito - December 2014 pdf)

International Day of Peace in the Marshall Islands (Kenichi Ito - September 21, 2015 pdf)

Religious leaders celebrate 2016 International Day of Peace in Marshall Islands (Kensei Ito - September 24, 2016 pdf)

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