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Maria Jose
July 12, 2005

This is something that happened two days ago (July 10th). I gave testimony to the Spanish "Foro". I want to share it with you as well:

"I am not able to express what I am feeling right now. After reading several times True Father's speech (the one that He was giving during his 4 city tour in USA), I started to feel His presence and a little later I saw Him as if He was inside of me.

TF was smiling at me and He asked me:

"Do you want an interview?" (I always thought that these things only happen to other brothers and sisters that were better than me, that this could never happen to me. Now I know that this kind of thinking was blocking True Father from talking with me, this kind of thinking and my attitude of skepticism.)

"Yes Father, I want an interview with You."

"I want to talk with you."

"Tell me, True Father, what do You want to say to me?"

"I want you to change."

"What do You want me to change?" (I thought that He was going to ask me to do this or that, or to be a better member or to do more efforts…)

"I want you to be happy" (At this moment lots of tears came to my eyes. I could not stop them. Even now it is very hard for me to control myself. True Father's words were vibrating with So Much Love and Happiness for me. Inside my heart. He made me feel like a Princess).

"Father, I have fallen many times. Father I miss You soo much! It was so special to be next to You in Korea, to see You, to see Your hands. Father I miss You ... Father ... how can I change?"

"I want you to forget the past and that you open yourself to a New Future."

"Yes, Father, if You ask me to forget, I am going to forget."

"I want you to live, I want you to have Eternal Life I want you to Give Eternal Life. I want you to Open Up to Life."

After these words He talked to me about my family life.

When He finished I asked Him: "Father, what can I do for You?"

"Proclaim the Divine Principle everywhere, don't be afraid."

"Just like that?"

"Yes, like that, proclaim it with your Life, with your Being, with your Actions. Transform yourself into a Cosmic torch, become my daughter in Plenitude (means become a true daughter).

"Father, do You know that I love You?"

"I always knew it."

Now, reading this testimony I feel it is incomplete, and I feel sad because I would like to write with fire into your hearts His last words to me: "I always knew it". I would like to transmit the Gratitude He showed me, His Warm Presence, because I know He feels the same or more towards you, if we could open our hearts to His Love! Without fear!

Father told me that whenever we call True Mother, She will talk with us. She wants to share Her Heart.

During this conversation I felt that my heart wanted to leave me to go with Father, I could not stop my tears. I felt the same as when I saw Dae Mo Nim in Korea. It seemed to me that my heart was going to break because of Love, I did not want to leave. There is nothing on this earth comparable to this Love.

I write this to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, because True Father told me to do it. I don't feel "special" myself. If He says these things to me, can you imagine the things that He would say to those like you that have been faithful!!!!. I know that there are lots of brothers and sisters that have received and now are receiving visits from True Father, Dae Mo Nim, Heung Jin Nim . But I never thought I "deserve" something like this.

You are the real torches that always have been Shining in the Cosmos.

This message is for everyone, at any level, any level of thought, any level of feelings and any level of action. True Father will never judge us, and if we make conditions and we never give up and we don't listen to Satan's accusation calling us "losers", "weak", "without hope", then Heaven will help us. Because this is the Eternal Will of our Heavenly Father.

May our Heavenly Father Bless you with His Living Waters, with His Love and Happiness (the Happiness HE feels when HE sees you living for the sake of others), with His Heart of True, Unchanging, Eternal, Absolute Love."

Maria Jose July 12th, 2005 Spain

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