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100,000 Signatures for Peace

Shine Jose
September 8-19, 2007
RYS - India
Chennai, India

As a prelude to the International Day for Peace, which fell on Sept. 21, the RYS -- Chennai, India, in association with Gandhian Institutions initiated a Signature Campaign for Peace (September 8 -- 19).

In the 1960s the world saw the development of a Peace Movement; however, it lacked the understanding of the meaning of global selfless love, and the movement developed towards individualism. In contrast, RYS Chennai hopes to create a new platform for peace.

As a fresh new episode in the history of peace building, RYS Chennai organized the Peace Signature Campaign with 100,000 students in colleges and universities in and around Chennai, India, professing the need to "live for the sake of others."

Nearly 100,000 signatures were collected on the Peace Banners displayed in various universities and institutions as an ushering-in of a new world of peace and, in this way emphasizing altruism as the new paradigm for fomenting peace.

Besides students, RYS Chennai involved professors and teachers in conducting the program in an appropriate manner. Many prominent individuals, NGOs, CBOs, and many others participated. The colleges and universities were most cooperative in allowing the Peace Signature Campaign, thus helping to promote a greater awareness of the meaning of "True" Peace. This initiative marks the beginning of a new success story in India.

Talks were arranged for the students to elaborate on the meaning of peace in today’s world and introduced them to the vision for becoming effective Ambassadors for Peace. Every signature collected goes toward the enhancement of the status for peace.

RYS Chennai hopes that this model peace activity will evolve into a worldwide movement toward the realization of global peace - as "One World under God".

Shine Jose
RYS - India

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