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RYS India 2008 Project "I Can Change"

Shine Jose
February 11, 2008

Youth are the most powerful group and they in turn can transform the society as well as the world. Service by the youth to the youth will enable the youth to build a better world for today and tomorrow. The RYS India 2007 Project "I Can Change" is designed to enable the youths to come and share the experiences in a wider perspective.

This project is determined to repair and renovate an old and historical hostel which was constructed much before the Indian Independence. The hostel is located at 77, Mc Nichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai -600 031. This hostel was started for poor girl students belonging to villages. This hostel caters the needs of Schedule Caste, Backward caste, Most Backward Caste and very few other deserving section of the society and promote education, values and the culture.

This historical hostel has been serving the poor and the most backward students for the past 75 years with glorious track record. Over 72 students are staying in this hostel. At present the hostel building is in pathetic shape and needs a face lift urgently. By renovating this hostel premises many youths can get the opportunity to stay in the hostel and continue their education.

"If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a women you educate a whole family" so we welcome all of you to join in this noble endeavor.

"I Can Change" is going to be an ideal service project because it is concerned about the youth who are deprived of all privileges and rights and living with a sense of confidence. "I Can Change" project enables us to change the profile of the poor students and we can engineer a new world with new opportunities.

The Atlas may show the countries with different colors but the youth are the one who are with the same confidence and aspiration. Living for the sake of others this RYS project gives a different project of excellence in developing the present to the future.

The Project promotes a specific strategy of Service, education, and entertainment to give a comprehensive formula for a balanced individual growth.

It will be for seven days March 1 - 7, 2008. Side by side we will have more cultural and educational programs depicting the local culture and traditions for the youths. It’s going to be a very colorful and exciting for the one who are going to participate in this noble endeavor.

The RYS believes in producing more leaders who in turn can change the profile of the world. The RYS, project can help and motivate the young people to be the leaders of tomorrow.

During this service project, the participants will have the opportunity to visit various religious and historical places which are depicting communal harmony and better understanding of the world religions. Also we will have a visit to the Fore Shore Temple, in Mahabalipuram a marvelous and historical site (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

"I Can Change" will be a unique service project comprising of all in one program and we expect more participants to exhibit the solidarity of the youths.

This Service Project includes Educational Workshop, Visiting various religious sites, Sight seeing, Cultural exchange, Friendship Sports and Physical Labor. Volunteers from all nations are welcome. Those who are interested to join this Noble Service Project could contact Shine Jose and receive an invitation letter to participate in this event.

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