The Words of the Jose Family

From True Parents to True Children

Maria Jose
February 5, 2009

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Please allow me to share something I was meditating about last night.

I was translating Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon of Jan 17th and because of the effort that we have to make to translate from one language to the other I realized about something I would like to comment.

For different times we need a different strategy even if the goal is the same. For different tasks we need different ways to approach our job or responsibility.

Father came first. he came to a complete fallen world, a world ignorant of the direction of the providence a world that didn't understand the heart and mission of Jesus in its fullness. So this 16 year old boy received a call from Jesus to continue the task he started and to bring mankind to a new level of heart and understanding, to a new level of relationship with God, our Father God. After being asked three times he said "yes" and from that moment everything started to change in a very dramatic way.

Father came to the world as those kinds of ships that are in the ocean breaking the ice. he had to be not only strong but in many cases he had to be hard and he had to push with all his might to move those mountains Jesus spoke about. The cosmos was used to move in one direction and now Father was pushing it in the contrary direction. Two forces that collide. It is very hard to overcome the inertia of more than 4000 years... (I don't remember how many). Let's imaging ourselves pushing north a train that is moving South, this is, in a very small scale, what Father has been doing all this years.

All the members were caught in the epicenter of the collision and because of this many members suffered and also many of them became a sacrifice, others could not stand that collision they too became a different kind of sacrifice. There was no time to take care of brothers and sisters because that was the time to advance as fast and strong as possible. This does not mean that True Father's heart did not suffered and cried because of his children, all True Children and us but mostly he cried because of God's Heart. Many times in order to win a war we have to prioritize and advance with our Will because otherwise our Heart would brake and we would not have any energy left to keep moving forward.

So Father had to put everything he is to do, in his life time, what since Genesis was left to do.

Because of this huge sacrifice things advanced and mankind now is moving faster towards Cheon Il Guk. The Church has grown in many ways and now we need to analyze and see what kind of strategy we have to use in order to grow more and mature, keeping always the same goal, Cheon Il Guk, with the same center True Parents. This is what Hyung Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, In Jin Nim and all True Children are doing, answering the needs of the present time with the tools that the present knowledge and heart is giving them.

It is time to take care of the members that suffered and were lost during those years of "war". It is time of lifting up the hearts and also it is time of transparency.

So we don't have to choose between following True Father's way of Hyung Jin Nim's and True Children's way because they are the answers to God's plan.

First we needed will and heart and now we need heart and will.

Just like when kids are very little and they need to obey because there are many dangers they don't see and consequences they cannot prevent. When kids have grown up and become adults they think on their own and take their own decisions and mature in a life of heart. This is our time to mature, take decisions, our time to take care of our brothers and sisters and doing this we are returning happiness to God and True Parents. We need to become warmer in heart, we need to become embrace to the world. This is what True Parents have taught us, they are giving us this education day and night and now it is our time to show to the world what kind of Parents we have and become a light of love in the house of God.

So my brothers and sisters let us support True Children with all our heart, mind and soul. Let us give them all we are, not because we "must" but because we "LOVE".

I am so thankful to be able to see this time of transition, this time of fulfillment. These are amazing and exciting times to be here on Earth and we are blessed to be able to support True Children knowing that in doing so True Parents can feel relieved.

Thank you so much, again, for your precious time and please forgive me if I have written to long.

Blessing and Love

Maria Jose 

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