The Words of the Kenedy Family

Testimony Of Eugene Kenedy

May 2007

(Editor's note: Eugene Kenedy worked for many years as an advertising representative for the Washington Times. In fact, he was extremely successful in his work. Because of a certain shyness and reserve about such things, Eugene seldom told his friends and associates that he also had been blessed over the years with a number of very moving and beautiful religious experiences. Years ago he did however, write an account of some of these experiences. After Eugene passed not long ago, this written account came to light, and the following is a small excerpt, posted with permission from his wife, Olga. It opens with Eugene describing what happened to him while deep in prayer in the chapel of the Unification Theological Seminary when he was a student there in the 1970s):

“… He told me he was an angel and said God had heard me praying and that He forgave me. The angel had been sent as a messenger to take me on a visit into the spirit world. He told me not to be afraid, took me by the hand and gently lifted my spirit-body up out of my physical body and as this was happening, I looked down and saw my physical body in prayer position on the floor of the chapel, but I was quite aware of myself and my surroundings. It was wonderful.

As I looked around the chapel I could see spirits attending other people who were praying, listening to their prayers and encouraging them to do God’s will. The angel took me up and then quickly out of the chapel and into a high realm of spirit world where I saw my mother (she had died when I was 12 years old, some 14 years before). She stood wearing a beautiful white robe trimmed in gold and smiled so beautifully when she saw me. She looked so young and beautiful, and she told me she was so happy that I had [turned my life to God]. I was overcome with her radiance; it was wonderful. …

We then went together to see Jesus and He looked at me deeply with love and concern. He reminded me of an incident in my childhood that had always puzzled me, but I could not quite put my finger on it until Jesus revealed it all to me then. The incident took place when I was about six years old, when I was living with my mother and my step-father who drank heavily. We were poor and they argued quite a bit. I felt they were unhappy [because of me] and I asked God if I could die so they would not be burdened by me so much. Children really internalize such guilt and blame themselves a lot. Jesus responded to me, and appeared to me one day as I was playing with some playmates.

Jesus was beautiful, and golden holy light radiated out to me from him. His face looked as a young man to me, so that I, at such a young age, could relate to him easily. He smiled broadly towards me with God’s love beaming from his spirit … and his blue eyes glittered. His voice was pure and clear; it penetrated right to my heart and it felt so true. I had never heard such a pure, good sounding voice in my life.

He called my name and smiled at me and he told me things about himself and my future. He asked me if I knew who he was, and somehow I knew intuitively he was in fact Jesus. So I said so, and that he once had been on a cross (in our local Catholic Church my mother had showed me the figure of Jesus on the cross and I remembered it, so I told Jesus this). Jesus said, “Yes, I am Jesus who died on the cross.”

He showed me the wounds in his hands, side and feet and actually put my hands into the wounds in his side and hands where I felt his scars, and I saw beautiful shining silver light come out of his scars, where the nails had gone in -- it was an intensely bright silver light that shone out of his hands near his wrists. I asked him if it had hurt to be on the cross. He said seriously, “It hurt very much,” and I felt so sorry that he had had to suffer on the cross.

I hugged him around the neck, and I felt so much he was my true brother. I asked him if he could take me away to be with him because I felt my parents would be happier if I were not with them. He said not just then. He said that I was to take care of my mother and that later in life I was to “have a great mission for God and follow God’s new messiah.” He smiled and put me down and I saw other spirits and angels near him. I felt such love and peace in my heart -- it was wonderful, and I wanted to go be with him. He said farewell and told me to go quickly to save my mother who at the time was being beaten by my drunken step-father. Suddenly Jesus was gone, and all I knew was that I had to get home as quickly as possible, that my mother needed me desperately.

I saved my mother’s life that day as it turned out, and I did not see Jesus again until I met him while praying in the chapel at Barrytown. 

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