The Words of the Sasaki Family

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Brazil CARP Witnesses (Koichi Sasaki - May 2012)

Church growth through Oikos Witnessing in Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - July 2014 pdf)

Update on the situation in Burkina Faso (Tatsuo Sasaki and Myungho Moon - November 4, 2014 pdf)

FWFP Seminar for Peace Ambassadors in Burkina Faso (Tatsuo Sasaki - December 20, 2014 pdf)

Home Group Mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - March 2015 pdf)

CARP Brazil's Reflections on their 40-Day Workshop in Chung Pyung (Koichi Sasaki - March 27, 2015 pdf)

Brazil: The 7th Home Group National Event (Koichi Sasaki - June 21, 2015 pdf)

The Purpose of a Home Group is the Success of Tribal Messiahs (Koichi Sasaki - July 2015 pdf)

Workshop for the Victory of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah, Home Group in Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - October 11, 2015 pdf)

40th Anniversary Celebration Organized by UPF-Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - November 21, 2015 pdf)

Faith Representatives Gather in São Paulo to Pray for Peace (Koichi Sasaki - November 21, 2015 pdf)

Forty Years of the Unification Church in Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - November 22, 2015 pdf)

Brazilians Celebrate Religious Freedom on Thanksgiving (Koichi Sasaki - November 26, 2015 pdf)

CARP Brazil holds True Love Day (Koichi Sasaki - December 20, 2015 pdf)

Repaying True Parents’ Love by Fulfilling a Child’s Duty (Koichi Sasaki - January 1, 2016 pdf)

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - February 19, 2016 pdf)

Brazilian CARP's Graduation of the 4th Group of CARP Brazil Full Time (Koichi Sasaki - March 20, 2016 pdf)

Brazilian Celebration of International Women’s Day with Multiple Events (Koichi Sasaki - March 25, 2016 pdf)

Wonmo Peongae Scholarship Awards Ceremony in Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - March 27, 2016 pdf)

Brazilian Seminar on Preparation to Start Blessed Family Life (Koichi Sasaki - March 27, 2016 pdf)

Brazil: Youth Ministry (Koichi Sasaki - April 2, 2016 pdf)

Brazil holds Meeting for Peace and Walk of Peace (Koichi Sasaki - April 16, 2016 pdf)

UPF Brazil holds 8th Walk for Peace in the Upper Aririu neighborhood of Palhoça (Koichi Sasaki - April 16, 2016 pdf)

Brazil's Blessed Family Department's 1-day Blessed Widowed workshop (Koichi Sasaki - May 28, 2016 pdf)

Pouso Alegre, Brazil members built and paid for their local Church Headquarters (Koichi Sasaki - May 29, 2016 pdf)

Brazil's 9th Festival of Nations, organized WFWP supported by FFWPU and UPF (Koichi Sasaki - September 18, 2016 pdf)

National Strategic Meeting for University Students in São Paulo, Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - October 22, 2016 pdf)

Brazil's 2nd Home Groups Peace Cup - 1600 attend from Oikos and Home Groups (Koichi Sasaki - November 20, 2016 pdf)

20 learn at Matching Advisors' at church headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil (Koichi Sasaki - November 26, 2016 pdf)

CARP Benin's 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop and Third Student Festival (Tatsuo Sasaki - January 7, 2017 pdf)

CARP-Brazil's Central American Seminar for 185 internal and external members (Koichi Sasaki - January 31, 2017 pdf)

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