The Words of the deCarvalho Family

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WFWP Portugal, Seminar on Diplomacy (Marta de Carvalho - August 29, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Portugal, International Day of Peace, in Odivelas, Portugal (Marta de Carvalho - September 21, 2015 pdf)

WFWP Portugal marks the European Week Against Racism (Marta de Carvalho - March 9, 2016 pdf)

WFWP Portugal Participates in Lisbon's 6th International Poetry Festival (Marta de Carvalho - March 20, 2016 pdf)

WFWP Europe Conference and Debate on Religious Pluralism in Portugal (Marta de Carvalho - September 5, 2016 pdf)

Principle of Creation and Radionics Bureau: facilitators recreate human balance (Marta de Carvalho - October 2016 pdf)

WFWP Lisbon, Portugal Celebrate Christmas and Human Rights (Marta de Carvalho - December 11, 2016 pdf)

Christmas and Human Rights - Lisbon, Portugal (Marta de Carvalho - December 11, 2016 pdf)

Marta de Carvalho awarded The Lawyer who Strives for Peace prize (Marta de Carvalho - March 8, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Portugal's Int'l Women's Day Celebration (Marta de Carvalho - March 9, 2017 pdf)

WFWP and UPF Portugal's International Day of the Family Blessing Festival (Marta de Carvalho - July 16, 2019 pdf)

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