The Divine Principles

By Young Oon Kim


"We need a new revelation" is a popular craving uttered by many thinking people today. "This age needs a prophet and not preachers." This is the cry of many Christians.

Why do we need a new revelation today?

Because we now live in the time of the historical and cosmic transition. This year, 1960 is no longer the succession of the years that have passed. The long gloomy cosmic winter has gone. Now the cosmic spring has arrived, for which mankind had been waiting so long. The Revelation, the last volume of the New Testament has now been fulfilled. The former heaven and earth has passed away. A new heaven and earth has been established. The old history of Satanic sovereignty has ended. A New Age has now dawned. At this historical and cosmic turning point we need a new revelation from God.

We use various methods of explanation in conveying any idea depending on the experience and knowledge of the individuals addressed. God also has used many different means of expressing His eternal and unchangeable will to men at different times according to their understanding and experience.

In the age of the Old Testament, God commanded the Hebrews to offer sacrifices to Him; later He gave them the Mosaic Law to observe so that they might comprehend God's will. In the age of the New Testament, however, God used another method and sent His only son, Jesus Christ to mankind.

Jesus brought a new system of belief, which appeared to the Jews as if Jesus abolished the Mosaic Law, although it was based on the law and the fulfillment of it. According to the new system the people were simply required to receive Jesus as the Messiah and to follow him. This was the essence of his teaching and it was a new revelation from God. By receiving Jesus and following him men comprehend the nature of God even better and come close to God than did those in the age of the Old Testament.

Today science has progressed to a high degree. People rarely accept anything without scientific test and logical proof, and religion cannot be excepted. A blind faith no longer has any attraction to or authority over the minds of modern men. They crave a new definition and expression of God, of His will, and of immortality in the terminology of twentieth century thoughts. We need a new revelation, which enables us to explain God and His providence in the language of this Atomic Age.

The Old and New Testaments are primarily written in parables and symbols. For two thousand years, Biblical students have attempted the interpretation of the Bible, and they have produced numerous commentaries, most of which vary in content. There is no one commentary that is regarded by all Christians as the absolute, authoritative, and complete interpretation. The diversity of interpretation, therefore, has caused a diversity of doctrines. This, again, has resulted in definite division of over three hundred denominations and sects in the Protestant Church. It is plain, therefore, that the ultimate truth contained in the Bible has not yet been discovered. When this ultimate truth is revealed to man with the explanation of the inner meanings hidden in all parables and symbols, and when the truth is so clear that all denominations can agree, then the barriers of denominations and sects shall be broken down, and all Christian churches will be able to unite. Today Christians all over the world eagerly await the new revelation which enables us to unfold the fundamental truth of the Scriptures. By the word" fundamental" I do not mean the interpretation of so called fundamentalism, but the ultimate truth in the Bible.

An ideal religion and a true Christianity must have spirit and truth in both worship and teachings. A truth a part from the spirit would be a philosophical and ethical teaching but can not be a true religion. Spiritual experiences, which are not based on the Divine truth will easily fall back into superstition.

But the Christian doctrines of modern churches lack rationality and are full of contradictions. Spiritual power and direct communication with the living God, which Jesus possessed, are almost entirely absent from the churches. They are virtually unknown to the Christians today. "God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. "(John 4:23) The religion of Jesus was based on spirit and truth, but today's Christianity is remote from its founder's intent. We need a new revelation from God to bring mankind back to true religion. This wi1l be the only solution to the problem of modern man,

It is a marked phenomenon in the West, as well as in the East, that Christians and non-Christians alike long for a positive religion which enables man to experience definitely the reality and the power of God by direct confrontation with Him. The fact that the thinking and feeling of the people incline toward this view is a sign that the hour has some to fulfill this universal craving. A supernatural power originated from the spiritual world is now decisively interceding in human affairs, but not many people are aware of it. Today most people feel uncertain, insecure, and confused, and yet do not know the exact cause of it, nor how to cope with it. We need a new revelation, which enables us to find the answer and to meet the desperate need of this universal craving.

As a matter of fact, there have been a number of people in the Christian churches as well as among various religious groups, who claimed to have received a new revelation. Such rumors have been more frequent in the last few decades. It is true that new revelations have been given to the individuals and groups of all religions in many parts of the world.

There has been no one who has received a full revelation, which answers all the questions that mankind has had through the ages. Thinking modern man is still struggling for the answers.

Today a full revelation has been given to mankind and the ultimate solution to this universal chaos has now been discovered.

The message contained in this treatise has been revealed to only one man, Mr. Sun M. Moon, over a period of twenty years. On an Easter morning when he was the age of seventeen Jesus Christ manifested himself and told him that he would accomplish a great mission through him. From this time on, his spiritual sense was fully opened and he was able to communicate with the spiritual world. But, unlike spiritualists, he did not content himself with just the demonstration of spiritual phenomena.

He began to explore the unknown meanings in the Bible and the ultimate questions of Christianity. For example, what is the purpose of the creation of man and this world? Is this world God's? If this is God's world, why is it full of evils, injustice, miseries, sorrows, and pains? If this world is Satan's, how and when did Satan originate and his rule begin? What was the fall of the first man? How did the fall of man affect God, Nature, and mankind thereafter? What is salvation? Is the experience of conversion a complete salvation? What was the mission of the Messiah? Had Jesus of Nazareth accomplished his mission? Has this world changed because of Jesus? Will this sinful world be like this forever? If God is to restore mankind and the whole world to Him, then how and when will He accomplish it?

God never gives a complete answer or explanation, as any one who has spiritual gifts knows.

Therefore, overcoming Satan constantly, he explored those questions desperately through his prayers. Over a period of seven years of his struggle in the spiritual world, he discovered a series of Divine Principles, the hidden meaning of human history, and the secret nature of Satan's crime. Thus he discovered all the answers to his questions.

He then discovered that it was these principles by which God created man and the universe, and that by these same principles God is going to restore mankind and the universe. Furthermore, man can subjugate Satan only by the application of these principles.

However he realized that the principles were very different from the doctrines and beliefs taught in the churches and that they would not be accepted by the average Christian. Instead of disclosing his message he started to seek other individuals who had received some special revelation from God through their prayers. In this way he found a sufficient number of people who could witness and testify through the spiritual world to the authenticity and the Divine authority of the principles which have been revealed to him.

He organized a group in Korea in 1954 and began to make the message public. There are all types of spiritual gifts and spiritual phenomena in his group. A great number of his followers communicate with the spiritual world through clairvoyance and clairaudience and some of them are able to converse with Jesus and God under any circumstances. A large number of them feel spiritual fire and electricity even through their physical bodies and some smell spiritual odor. Some often go into a trance and bring messages from God or sing exquisite heavenly songs, which they had not known. I was told of a beautiful symphony orchestra in the heavenly world, which they had heard. There is also a lady who wrote through the aid of the spiritual world a whole notebook in a language, which she had never learned. She can not read or write a letter by herself. The notebook contains very significant messages. Such writings are called automatic writings in this country.

The marked difference of this group from so called spiritualists is the rejection of contact with any spirit other than Jesus and God Himself in spiritual communication. Occasionally, the chief Apostles and a few prophets have been received, but the group is very strict in discerning the spirit and does not allow any lower spirit to interfere. They do not stress healing service. But various diseases have been healed just by listening to the lectures of the Divine Principles and joining the meetings. People suffering from heart trouble, indigestion, nephritis, arthritis, tumors, mental illness, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, bone trouble, cancer, and epilepsy have been healed in this group. I believe that the vibration is so strong when this group meets that those diseases are healed without special prayer or by laying on of hands.

One of the striking characteristics of this group is the interdenominational and inter-religious nature of the components. Some members came to this group through a direct guidance of the spiritual world. A Catholic woman came to listen to the lecture because the Holy Mother Mary had commanded her to do so. The members of this group already represent over twenty-five denominations and sects of Christianity. There are members with backgrounds of Confucianism, Buddhism, and other religious groups. They discovered this group through instructions given by the spirits of Confucius, Buddha, and other spiritual guides. Thus the group is composed of the witnesses of diverse Christian denominations and sects and also of major non-Christian faiths.

According to the revelations given to this group -- such divergent ways of spiritual manifestation is a sample and model of what God is now going to reveal to the people of the whole world. Because of the new dispensation for today, God is taking His hands from existing churches. This is the reason they are spiritually declining today. Furthermore, this year 1960, is the initiation of the New Era. Therefore, time is very short. The Divine Principles in this book are only the first of the revelations coming to this group. The complete schedule of restoration and the life of the new world has been reserved for another volume .

The material I have written in this treatise has been based on a full revelation from God. I have only elaborated upon it and referred to information from other sources in order to explain more fully and to make the revealed facts more relevant to the thinking of readers.

In writing this message in English I was fully aware of my limitation in the English language and felt myself inadequate for this work. But the message is so valuable and urgent that I could not wait indefinitely for a better writer.

I beg my readers to read this book closely in sequence. If there is any doubt as you read pray to God about it -- you will receive a clear and affirming answer. I have been assured and confirmed in such a way.

It is my earnest prayer that God's will may be clearly manifested to you as you read the Divine Principles.

The Scriptural quotations in this treatise are from the American Standard Version, 1952.

Young Oon Kim
Eugene, Oregon, August, 1960

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