The Divine Principles

By Young Oon Kim


I The Principle Of Creation

Duality of Male and Female in God's Essentiality

The Action of Give-and-Take

Three Orderly Stages of Creation

God's Direct and Indirect Dominion

The Creation of Man

The Creation of the Universe

The Invisible World and the Visible World

The Correlation of Spirit-Man and Physical Body

The Divine Ideal of Creation

II The Fall Of Man

The Origin of Sin

The Fall of Adam, Eve, and the Archangel

The Cause of the Deviation from the Divine Principles

The Fall of Man and Free Will

The Motivation of the Fall of the Archangel Satan

Why Did God Not Prevent the Fall?

III The Mission Of Jesus Christ

Adam and the Tree of Life

Eve and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

IV Christology

Jesus, the Incarnation of Logos

The Holy Spirit


V The Consummation Of Human History

VI Resurrection

The Meaning of Resurrection

The Resurrection of Earthly Men

The Resurrection of Spirit-Men

The Succession of Mission

The Descent of Spirit-Men

The Unification of Religions

VII The Establishment Of The Foundation For Restoration

The Dispensation with Adam's Family

The Dispensation with Noah's Family

The Dispensation with Abraham

Re-Separation of Satan through Esau and Jacob

VIII The History Of Restoration

The Dispensation with Moses

IX The History Of Restoration (Continued)

The Period of Judges

The Period of the United Kingdom

The Divided Kingdom

The Returning Period of the Jews

The Preparation Period for the Coming of the Messiah

The Dispensation of Restoration with Jesus Christ

X The Second Advent Of Christ

Elijah and John the Baptist

The Second Coming of the Lord

XI The Prolongation Of The Providence Of Restoration

The Persecution under the Roman Empire

The Period of Church Patriarchs

The Period of the United Christian Empire

The Division between East and West

The Exile of the Papacy

Papal Return and Renaissance

From the Reformation until the Second Advent

XII The Completion of the Providence of Restoration

What Part of the World will be Chosen?


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